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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tips for kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting is an important point, becausehere and at the same time is working and dining area, which lights should be comfortable, economical and at the same time beautiful.Then we will tell the readers the information portal itself electrician how to make the lighting in the kitchen and what the secrets of lighting design exist today!

Modern interior of a room

First of all, it should be noted that the ceiling, wall and furniture, they can be used for kitchen lighting.To learn how to combine them, and where to install, will be discussed later.

  • basic requirements
  • Options backlight
  • General
  • Local
  • Decorative
  • role of natural light
  • Useful tips
  • Photo examples

basic requirements

to make the correct installation of lighting in the kitchen, above all, should be familiar with the requirements, which combine the issues regarding safety and comfort of being in the room.

Thus, the basic requirements are:

  • light should not create shadows from different objects;
  • brightness of the light source should not be a blind man;
  • different types of fixtures should complement each other;
  • of energy-saving lamps considerations must be fluorescent, halogen or LED.The classic version - incandescent lamps have a low efficiency and short service life;
  • when creating the project of lighting in the kitchen, consider the color finish of the walls, because it affects the efficiency of the lamps.For example, light-colored walls can reflect up to 80% of the light and dark only 12%;
  • correctly count the number of fixtures and their capacity.It is believed that power should not be less than 100 W / m2, and the rate for the working area for dining - from 50 W / m2;
  • distance from the light fixtures and switches to water (in this case washing) should be at least 60 cm;
  • a powerful lamp on the ceiling will not replace the local and general lighting in the kitchen.

Options backlight

As we have said, to date, made to cover the work surface, the area above the dining table, and separate entities that require illumination.Now we talk about the most effective ways.


General lighting in the kitchen is used to illuminate the room with soft light, the eye does not load, but at the same time covering all the dark corners.Most often, in this case the use of ceiling lights installed in the center or on the perimeter of the room.

Among the popular products:

  • spotlights with LED lamps;
  • chandelier with three or more lamps;
  • articulated lamps;
  • LED strip.

As for the spotlights, they are mounted in a false or suspended ceiling.The advantage of products in a neat appearance, easy installation and long service life.This embodiment can also be mounted in the furniture (for example in a kitchen cabinet).

Installation of spotlights on the ledge

chandeliers connection is also used in general illumination of the ceiling.The most frequently used chandelier having multiple levels of illumination.To do this, you need to install two or three-key switch.

Articulated lamps are very well established, because of the general lighting of the room can be made locally by means of a product in the correct zone.These lamps are installed in the center of the ceiling a small group.

LED strip used for the hidden ceiling lights.They are completely "fill" soft light suspended ceiling, and the tape itself to see you can not, becauseit will be hidden in a special ledge.This idea can be used not only as a general, but also kitchens decorative lighting.LED strip on the worktop

It should be noted that it is necessary to direct light bulb on the ceiling as possible when installing the hinged fixtures.This option will not dazzle the eyes and at the same time will create a soft and cozy atmosphere, typical of general illumination.


Local lighting is used to illuminate the work area in the kitchen and the dining room table.In addition, it is recommended to direct the light on the following elements:

  • sink (apron);
  • cooker;
  • shelf cabinets;
  • bar;
  • kitchen island.

For these objects need a bright and at the same time directed lighting.It is best in this case proved to be embedded in furniture spotlights, places for planting in advance which creates a factory.Such products are optimally installed under the hood, in the visor of kitchen shelves, as well as directly in a false or suspended ceilings.Built-in spotlights

alternative option - the lamp with a flexible arm (hinge), which we have already mentioned.Such lamps really very comfortable and allow you to adjust the direction of the light flux with their own hands.Modern lamps are directional light

also made use lamps mounted on the walls.In this case, you can "kill two birds with one stone": to make local lighting in the kitchen and interior add "flavor" (if you connect lamps with a decorative finish).

Well, the last of the popular options - installing lights on the clothespins.Products work from the outlet, so that they can sometimes get in the way or do not get to the work area.The advantage lies in the fact that such lamps can be used only when necessary.Otherwise they will not interfere, because they can be put in the closet.

Our advice - use ceiling lamp direct light, or products, built-in furniture.The advantage of this option is the local highlight is that the product will have a nice view and compact dimensions.

How to highlight the work area in the kitchen, you can see in this video example:

Concealed lighting countertops
YouTube Preview


Well here we come to the last option kitchen lighting - decorative.In this case, the functionality of the light fades into the background, because we can only dilute the interior in different ways.

recommend that you use a hidden ceiling and floor lighting, which is powered by diode strips.Such products are self-adhesive.All that is needed for them - it's a special ledge.The only caveat - the shape of the room has to be rectangular or square.On the curved sections of the ceiling LED tape does not always look good.

addition to a large kitchen can be installed designer floor lamps, selected according to the style of the room.You understand that in a small kitchen (from 9 to 12 sq. Meters) no floor lamps should not be.Interesting options for kitchen lighting, you can also see in the video below:

review of the best ideas
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role of natural light

Using some features natural lighting kitchen can save you money on electricity, the best use of daylight.To do this, you need to create a large window, the curtains - translucent, and finish the walls as light as possible.

draw your attention to the fact that natural light can also be in an excess, thus reducing the comfort of being in the room.

To keep things in moderation, be sure to consider the following recommendations for lighting kitchens:

  • If the windows facing north, they have to be perfectly clean, becausedust can absorb up to one third of all natural light.
  • Southern location of the windows very often the cause of an overabundance of natural light.In this case, it is recommended to close the window curtains of dark shades.
  • most effective tool to adjust the brightness of the room - blinds.Install them on the windows, so that you can adjust the light intensity.
  • Do not forget about the color scheme of the walls, it is also much affected.For the southern location of windows to reduce light exposure, you can use the correct color of wallpaper (or tiles).It is recommended to prefer purple, blue and green shades.
  • If in the daytime, natural light is not doing its job, install fluorescent tubes daylight, they are a viable alternative and also save energy.

Useful tips

To your attention tips that will most effectively make the lighting in the kitchen with his hands:

  1. The dining table can be lit by a ceiling lamp, whose design allows you to change the height of the suspension relative to the table.In this case, you can create a festive atmosphere, lifting the lamp high above the table, or on the contrary, give an atmosphere of family comfort, lowering the lamp is low.For kitchens with low ceiling (as Khrushchev), this option may not be suitable.
  2. To make it possible to adjust the light intensity, use dimmers (a type of breakers).In this case, you can use lighting to change the atmosphere in the room (bright light is comfortable for cooking, and a bit dull for a romantic dinner).
  3. modern version - installation concealed ceiling lighting creatively complement the interior.In this case, in a special cornice install LED strips.
  4. Use ceiling and wall lights direct light.They can be used to concentrate the light beam on a certain point, which is particularly suitable for the working area.
  5. Do not use cheap Chinese products, they are easily damaged, often have poor-quality mounting and also unsafe.
  6. for lighting small and narrow kitchen is better to use spot lighting.Firstly they will not clutter up a small ceiling, and secondly, each luminaire will serve the desired area.

Photo examples

To your attention the most original photo lighting ideas in the kitchen:

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