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August 12, 2017 18:07

Recommendations for wiring the in pipes

Most often, this option laying of wires used in particularly wet areas as well as in those buildings, which are constructed of combustible materials, such as wood.Then we talk about the right way to carry out wiring in the pipes, giving detailed technology of electrical work, as well as illustrative examples of photos and video.

  • The advantage of this option
  • How to make wiring?
  • in plastic
  • The metal

The advantage of this option

Pipe wiring in the apartment photo

The advantage of wiring for metal and PVC pipes is as follows:

  1. wiring reliably protected from mechanical damage and adverseweather conditions (if electrical installation will be carried out on the street).
  2. If necessary, you can easily replace the wiring in the apartment, gently pulling the cable and having passed the new conductor on a finished track.Also in this case the damage would not need replacing for finishing walls.
  3. all the rules on electrical safety are met in wooden houses.Immediately it should be noted that according to the rules of the SAE mounting cable through the wooden wall, it is necessary to protect the conductor metal tube or sleeve.
  4. When carrying out the electrical wiring from rodents protection will be provided under the ground - especially moles, which are very often gnaw through insulation and damage the line.Using iron pipes
  5. In wet areas when installing wiring in line pipes will be protected from moisture, but too dusty rooms respectively, from dust.

As you can see, using this method of wiring is necessary only if you have non-standard conditions.All this is done only for reasons of electrical and fire safety.

How to make wiring?

In fact, most hold the wiring in the pipes is not difficult, just need to make the appropriate pipe and run the cable into it.installation technology, in fact, as the conditions for the application of plastic or iron pipe has its own peculiarities, which we now talk in more detail.

in plastic

Plastic pipes are recommended for electrical work on the open pit surfaces, as well as concrete screed floor (as in the photo at the beginning of the article).Using PVC pipes Posting in a wooden house Wiring floor

cabling technology consists of the following stages:

  • According circuitry wall or floor are marked marker.
  • every 50 - 90 cm pipe fixed to the surface of the clips or staples.
  • cable is pulled inside by special broaches - nylon or steel (wire).
  • pipes are connected to the junction boxes (places wire connection) and between each other using a special soldering iron.
  • If the installation is done on the floor, on top of the finished tracks filled with concrete screed.By the way, it should be noted immediately that the horizontal line styling need to organize a small slope in the direction of junction boxes for condensate.

to the electrical installation requirements are as follows:

  1. is strictly forbidden to make the connection of electric wires in the pipes.All connections must be exclusively in the distribution boxes, it does not violate the rules of TB.Plastic Junction Box
  2. In no case do not bend the track by more than 90 degrees.Otherwise, do not succeed, because you replace the cableit will be clamped on the turn.
  3. When installing wiring in wet and fire facilities is required to seal the connection elements, the junction with the junction box, and to make a sealed entry.
  4. The floor and brick walls is better to use smooth HDPE pipes.
  5. Minimum conductor cross-section, to be held inside, should be at least 1 mm.kv according to the rules of GOST.

In this case, you can use PVC / HDPE pipe, and corrugated - BAC, which is often used when installing wiring for plasterboard.

Video instructions for assembling items with their hands
YouTube Preview

The metal

An alternative solution is to use a metal (such as zinc and iron) pipes for the installation of hidden wiring.Such an embodiment is preferable in that case if the cable must be laid in a ground wood surface, for example, when installing the wiring in the bath.Wiring in the bath

Instructions on laying the line with his hands looks like:

  • As in the previous case the pipes are laid according to create a drawing.
  • elements used to connect the welding machine or the thread from both sides.
  • Earthing of metal structures, as well as the organization of bias towards the junction box.Metal Distribution Box
  • surface protective elements painted to prevent corrosion.Appearance after painting
  • cable is pulled inwardly by pulling caproic or metal wire.
  • Magistral fastened every 50-90 cm with metal clips.

to iron pipes in the installation wiring requirements:
  1. If you decide to spend concealed wiring in the floor, you should not make the painting of metal elements, asThis impairs adhesion concrete solution to the metal.
  2. As for inflection, wiring, sealing joints and minimum section conductors, all is well here, as in the previous version.
  3. order not to damage the wiring insulation at the point of exit to the surface of steel tube ends need okontsevat sleeves.
  4. for quick disassembly line is recommended to avoid welded joints, replacing them with the screw.
  5. If the room is dry and free of dust, in place of the junction areas can do without additional sealing.

That's the technology wiring laying the pipes with his own hands.As you can see, nothing complicated, important to consider all advice and act strictly on the basis of the provided mounting technology.Incidentally, the pipe can also be used to independently make retro wiring in the building.This option has proved very original, what you can see by looking at a picture which depicts the open wiring in pipes antique: Designed in the style of a children
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