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August 12, 2017 18:07

As a self- connect site to electricity

If you are the owner of land that is not connected to the mains, the first thing you need to take care of home electrification.In order to bring the electricity to the house, you must first collect a package of documents, and then apply to the RES.In this article we will try to tell you how to conduct the light to the area and how much is the connection procedure.

  • to connection
  • Obtaining permission
  • Technical measures
  • How much is the electrification?

to connection

To help you understand how to begin to carry out their own electricity on land, divide into two phases of action: institutional arrangements (collection of documents, submission of an application, etc.) andengineering (in particular electrical work).

Obtaining permission

Arrangements, mean by itself, the preparation of documents, such as:

  • passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, in the case of an application from another person, you need a power of attorney;
  • document confirming the right of ownership of the house or suburban area;
  • plan diagram of the site, with the designation post nearest power line, as well as showing the exact location of all engineering systems in the garden: passing a gas pipeline and water supply pipes.

In this case, it is possible to use the card or the google Yandex, print this fragment, and red mark the boundaries of your site, as shown in the photo below.

Using the map

There is a moment that if the column from which you can connect the electricity is on 25 meters from the property line, then to carry out the light on the land, you have to install an additional post, and probably at his own expense.

Aerial wiring

If it's all right, and the distance in the normal range, complications do not arise and acting of our recommendations, you may perform a conducting electricity to the site. Based on these documents the energy supplying company should give technical specifications, so that you can already spend light.


According to the decree of the Russian Federation No. 861, power transmission companies have no right to deny you the Government, and if not possible to make electrical connection within the time limits for technical reasons, to report the timing of their execution.This may be a lack of technological connectivity, this line is working at maximum capacity, and the connection of new subscriber will lead to a network failure.And to carry the light to your home need a partial or complete modernization of the electricity grid, which can drag on for years, waiting.

If yes, in a month you have on hand will be a document contract on connection and maintenance of the condition, with painted power up to 16 kW (for holiday home and residential building are different), the device name of the electricity account, opening circuit breaker, the protective RCD,and a sealed box for outdoor installation.

By the way, you can save a lot of time running around the chain of command and doing things you love at this time, if you apply for the electrification of homes via the Internet on the website «http: //portal-tp.rf".In short: go through the registration, applying and matching copies of the documents described above, there is also the possibility of provisional application with the calculator, display the total bill for connection to the mains.In other words, on this website you can find out which documents are needed in order to conduct electricity to the area, even if it's not the buildings, as well as how much it will cost the electrification of the object.

Applying online

Technical measures

Take the technical condition and go to a specialized electrical shop.We buy the counter, switch, automatic air-tight box for outdoor installation of the meter.

go to his private plot set box on the outside wall of the house or the prepared support, we make switching in the box according to SAE and diagrams in the technical condition or for a fee produce electrical specialist.

Shield on a column

Then wires from the street boxing you need to spend a switchboard in your home (in the article refers to the presence of the finished wiring to turn on lights, or prepared by the shield with the RCD and machine guns in the room).If the account is a shield on a separate support, far to the edge of your infield, you can take the cable in the ground in the trench to elektrofitsiruemomu home.For information on how to carry out the wiring under the ground with their hands, we were told in detail.

electricity connection from the pillar to the input shield subscriber produce specialists who are also sealed with a counter and make the act of connecting the subscriber.The layout and installation of electrical wiring must be done in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations in compliance with safety regulations.Connecting the electricity company

is mandatory, also need to perform the installation of the protective earthing circuit, not be superfluous in this age of technology and electrical devices.For information on how to make ground in a private house, we were told in the corresponding article.Additionally

recommend reviewing the video, which shows how to conduct light from the pole to the house:

electricity supply to the panel

How much is the electrification?

separate point I would like to consider the cost of electricity in the suburban area.The fact is, you can not exactly call the price, becauseit depends on many factors, namely:

  1. distance from home to a power source.In the city the distance should not exceed 300 meters, in the village - 500 meters, to invest in a minimum amount of connection - 550 rubles.
  2. region in which you are.For example, in Moscow summing up the power to your visor is more expensive than in the Kamchatka Territory.
  3. Connection type - new or existing.Again, in the first instance to conduct electricity will be more expensive.
  4. voltage level of - 0.4 kV or 6-10 kV.It is also an important indicator, although residential building uses only 0.4 kW, but still, if you want to connect to the object of a higher voltage, and note this nuance.

This is the most significant factors that affect the cost of electricity.As we mentioned above, the exact price can be found on the site, using a special online calculator.The minimum price for the settlement of power in 2016 is 550 rubles.

About electricity connection order, you can learn by looking at the video:

What is needed for the electrification of their own home
YouTube Preview

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to conduct electricity to the site with his own hands and how muchIt is such a procedure.Having familiarized with the stages of the work, you can proceed to the collection of documents and the rest of the action!

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