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August 12, 2017 18:07

Learn how to solder wires - consider all the nuances of soldering

solder wire soldering iron is not a big deal, so with the way he lived copper compounds can handle even an inexperienced electrician.Then we'll show you how to solder the wires in the junction box - the place where the wiring harness runs through the rooms.The technology will be provided step by step, with pictures and video examples to make things more clear how to solder two wires together.Immediately draw your attention to the fact that we will tell you how to solder wires of copper.This is due to the fact that aluminum conductors already in practical home are not used.Standards GOST connection of different non-ferrous metals (aluminum and copper conductors) is recommended to get round, so the only safe option for private homes and apartments - soldering of copper cable conductors.

  • Step 1 - Prepare the instrument
  • Step 2 - Perform tinning
  • Step 3 - core solder
  • important to know!

Step 1 - Prepare the instrument

To get started, you need to prepare a soldering iron to solder the wires with his own hands.All that is required - to thoroughly clean the sting from the solder residues or other contaminations.

A set of tools for soldering

To do this, you can use a regular file.In addition, you need to prepare a solder and flux, without which not to turn to solder wire soldering iron.As for the solder to solder the wires may be used or an alloy of tin and lead, or special thread as shown below in the image.Solder wire

flux needed to during soldering solder evenly soldered coated materials.In addition, flux removes the copper wires from the oxide film, which greatly impairs the reliability of the connection.As a flux, you can use either rosin or a special soldering acid.And he and the other option is popular with artists.Soldering acid photos

Another important preparation stage - the creation of a suitable workplace.You must be next to the socket and stand for the soldering iron to solder wire technology was safe with his own hands.

By the way, you can make a soldering iron with your hands, do not take a lot of time and effort.Homemade device will serve you for a long time, what you can see for yourself!

Step 2 - Perform tinning

So, if you need to solder two wires of power between them, the first thing you need to remove the plastic insulation and zaludit loose strands, especially if they are very thin.Stranded wire before soldering first twisted and then treated with flux, which is applied on top of a thin layer of heated solder.Always before soldering, prepare the soldering tip - dip it into the flux (the same resin as shown in the photo), and then into the tin to the tip was covered with a small layer of solder.

Tinned copper wires

Tinning wires is fairly simple soldering - first you have to put on the bare wire rosin, then warm up the place a soldering iron to transactions plunged in flux.After that, it is necessary to reach and evenly on all sides solder process.To get a good deal heated alloy of tin and lead to the surface, in the hands of the scroll wire during tinning.If you need to connect the wires in the junction box, for convenience can be used instead of rosin acid.It just needs to be applied with a brush on the surface that you need to solder.acid treatment with a brush

If wires of large cross section (thick), tin is similar.The only difference is that we should not pre-twist the wires, like a stranded conductor.

After you perform tinning, you can proceed to the soldering process.Immediately draw your attention to the fact that it is necessary to perform work only when a power outage.Plumbing live wires is strictly prohibited!

Step 3 - core solder

Well, the last thing left - to solder two wires prepared in the junction box.All that is needed - to twist or lay wires at each other warm place and soldering connection.The solder melt and after hardens - reliably connect electrical conductors.Solder connection photo

important point - during soldering wires do not move, otherwise the connection is not reliable enough.

should also be noted that the pre-tinning and can not do, and simply twist the wiring and terminal boxes, treat them with flux and how to solder.However, since we do not recommend you to solder, because in this case, the connection will be much worse.

final touch - insulation cooled area.For information on how to isolate the wire, we told you.It is best to individually insulate each conductor tape, and use shrink tubing over it.In the video below you can see in detail the entire procedure for soldering:
Learn to solder wire soldering iron
YouTube Preview

important to know!

Above we have discussed how to solder the wires in the terminal box, but this procedure will not work if you need to solder contacts Diode tape or even on-board (chip).So, we give a brief overview of the possible soldering technologies:

  1. Connect LED strip.If you need to connect the LED ribbon, and then - to solder contacts on the power supply with output to tape (copper circles), first using sidecutters or sandpaper core plus and minus, and then treated with acid output to tape and drip on them molten solder.All that remains - to press the wires to the junction and a soldering iron to heat.When the solder hardens, insulate the bare area using a glue gun or heat shrink.
  2. Working with boards.If you decide to solder the wires on a chip, then there is soldering technology will be more responsible.To solder a capacitor, transistor, resistor, or the same LED, you need a soldering iron capacity from 5 to 20 watts.A more powerful machine can overheat the board and then your efforts will be in vain.In addition, the sting should be very thin, becausetin surpluses will act jumpers, which in turn will "whiling away."
  3. Pike headphones.If you suddenly decide to repair headphones with plug 3.5, which often break down in the slot area, then look for the start of this video, which shows you how to learn to solder thin enameled wire with silk thread inside.In short - you need to clean off the enamel to the copper, tin perform and then only to solder wires to the connector.
Video tutorial repair headphones with microphone and plug 3.5

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This self-brazing technology ends.We hope that now you know how to solder wires, large and small cross-section in the home!