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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a built-in refrigerator - practical tips

Larissa fact that without a refrigerator does not do any one family can be considered as an axiom, and the need to discuss it in the house just does not make sense.But a unit to buy - the big question.The range is so huge that the best option to choose is extremely difficult without professional advice.

about how to properly do so, on what options and features models of note described in great detail here.Therefore, in this article we will highlight only some of the nuances that allow to understand that you need to consider when choosing just the embeddable refrigerator.But first, we note some of the features of this type refrigerators.


  • noise level is significantly less than that of the fixed installation models.
  • Small dimensions allow to place them in areas with a very "modest" size, namely such is the majority of our kitchens in houses built on standard designs.
  • Economy, that the constant increase in tariffs - an important aspect.

All the main parameters that characterize this type of technical devices, are virtually the same for both embedded and for conventional refrigerators.But if the choice fell on the "compact" devices, then some difference still exists.


If the kitchen unit is not yet booked, it simplifies the task.And if he already is?

  • it advisable to alter cabinet (desk) to the size of the particular, in all other respects, be the best model?It will have to spend not only time and effort.In some cases, with the involvement of artists, and it will require some financial investment.
  • conveniently use the refrigerator to be in such a form of accommodation, to serve him?
  • How to connect to the power supply?
  • in what conditions it will work?That often many people forget about it.But to the installation of embedded refrigerator must meet certain requirements.For example, on the rear wall of equidistance from other objects or surfaces, since it placed the elements of the cooling circuit (condenser, compressor), overheating, which reduces the efficiency of the product and its parts repair.


art embedded fridge Rarely in a family of built-in refrigerator - only.Therefore, the best option - to choose a model that will ideally complement the basic (free-standing).For example, if the "big" enough of the freezer, you can buy "small", but without it.But such models quite roomy chamber "freshness."Variants enough, but the sense of one - you must not look at the appearance of various "bells and whistles" in the form of services and to evaluate the appropriateness and adequacy position.


should be possible to reinstall it mounts to change the direction of door opening.By the way, if it is 1. In some models of 2 and they just swing open.There are some features of the connection of the door with a "liner" (decorative panel).

first option - with the help of the runners.In this engineering solution 2 significant drawbacks - open the door to more than 900 will not work, this is the limit;between the liner and the very door of a gap, which will gradually become clogged with dirt.

second - articulation.This option is referred to the "minus" is not.


All models are divided into completely or partially recessed.In the first case, the device does not project beyond the dimensions of the installation site, which saves space.

Manufacturers and cost

In the last decades of the past century, the fashion for all overseas, including, and for household appliances.And we all somehow suddenly forgotten that in the homes of our grandparents, parents are domestic units, which virtually no problems.Yes, they are not as beautiful, perhaps, roomy enough, but?Most of them properly serve their owners for decades and does not require any special care.

Liebherr Already it is no secret that the foreign manufacturer is not interested in the fact that its products are of long life.It is simply unprofitable.And given the situation of today, when even professional economists can not give any clear forecast of the ruble for at least six months in advance, and our "wooden" daily rushes from side to side, it makes sense to focus still on the Russian model.

Yes, and they are preferable in terms of maintainability.Where is the guarantee that tomorrow the "West" does not impose sanctions on spare / parts for refrigerators?Ironically, much of what previously seemed unreal, has already entered into our lives.

The forums can be found good reviews, for example, such a device as "Atlas".It is available in different versions, and the price is quite reasonable - from 7800 to 16 700 rubles.Perhaps the range of domestic products and not as extensive, but from a practical point of view, it is cheaper and sometimes more reliable.

comparison.Over roughly the same devices in the parameters will have to pay (the data are constantly changing), in rubles:

  • «Hotpoint-Ariston» - 12 000 to 33 000;
  • «Bosch» - 13 500 to 46 980;
  • «Gorenje» - from 16 450 to 34 680;
  • «Liebherr» - more than 21 600.


Helpful hints

  • If the refrigerator is purchased for use in the structure of the country, the experts advise to pay attention primarily on the model with the management of the electromechanical type.They are much better protected against "surprises" E / supply (phase unbalance, instability nominal voltage), which is typical for electric / networks in rural areas.
  • Appearance polnovstraivaemogo refrigerator is not critical, since all models are covered on top with decorative doors.So do not focus on the design of the device.It's more important for "large," separate installation.
  • question, which often "stumble" buyers - who provides the warranty and technical support?Here it requires special clarification.Otherwise there is a risk or stay alone with their problems, or wait for the repair of your refrigerator for a long time.