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August 12, 2017 18:06

The main types of insulation Isoroc , characteristics and scope of application

During the construction or major repairs of buildings and structures of one of the stages of the activities is the improvement (reconstruction) of the thermal insulation layer.No need to explain that the reduction of heat loss - not only increase comfort, but also significant savings on heating.Additionally, it significantly improves the term suitability of materials, so that from the viewpoint of economy, the same - one "plus".

Selecting heater depends largely on the design features of the object, its operating conditions and other factors.The modern market offers a wide range of materials for thermal insulation, in particular, and by "Isoroc" brand.

«Isoroc" - is the name of the national JSC (Tambov), which specializes in manufacturing a large range of materials for thermal insulation of basalt rock.Therefore, speaking about the characteristics, it is necessary to identify the main types of products and to consider them separately.


  • Insulation of buildings and constructions of any purpose in an industrial scale, and at the individual building.
  • Construction of mines, tunnels and other facilities, including and under the ground.
  • Shelter pipeline and other highways.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • Manufacturing "sandwich panels" for frame-panel construction.

Table - performance specifications - clickable

All heaters Isoroc have strict geometrical parameters, which greatly simplifies the installation process is not only, but also the calculation of the required amount of material at the planning stage.In addition, the product does not burn, does not damaged by biological pests and rodents.In terms of the comments is also no ecology.

Consider the most common types of insulating materials.


Letter "L" indicates that the material is used for mounting on relatively light structures (physical load).Well suited for insulation of all parts of the house - the attic (attic), roofs, floors, interior walls, floors.The framework structures are useful for wall insulation.Density - 40 kg / m3.Available mats 100 (500-600) mm with a thickness of 50 to 200 mm.

Price - 1430 RUR / m3.


other "modification", which has virtually the same characteristics.However, higher density material - 50 kg / m3.

Price - 1750 RUR / m3.



same "Isoroc", only more dense.It can be laid in one layer without affecting the quality of insulation.Density - 90 kg / m3.

Accordingly, the greater the cost - 2 950 rubles / m3.


density - 110 kg / m3.In a private house-building used for walls, ceilings, floors.Often used when installing the "warm floor" systems.

Price - 3050 RUR / m3.


Another "model", which is designed for "wet" insulation, when used as exterior finish stucco compositions, which greatly simplifies the technology.Density - 140 kg / m3.

Hence the price - 4480 rubles / m3.


There are many other similar products.In choosing the material should be guided, first and foremost, on the further operation conditions.As the characteristics of all the products are very similar, but still there are some differences.Consultation does not hurt, since it is easy to get lost in such a large range.

should be remembered that "Izolayt" - an elastic material.Therefore, during installation it is needed to protect against mechanical impacts.Otherwise, it is deformed and its performance accordingly reduced.