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August 12, 2017 18:06

The correct choice of frost-resistant adhesive for tiles for external works

Howes to work with a variety of cladding tiles are applied adhesives.They differ in certain characteristics, manufacturer and price.But when it comes to the exterior decoration of buildings, first of all we need to focus on frost glue, resistance to low temperatures.Otherwise, the tiles will start to literally fall off during the first cold season.

Before buying a product that you review all item descriptions on the packaging.Conscientious manufacturer places all the necessary information for the Buyer.If there is only general information, there is no adhesive composition, the specific application, it is better to choose other items.

What to look

  • Terms of use (resistance to sudden changes in temperature and its maximum "minus" values).According to this indicator is often confusion.The temperature at which the adhesive firmly "holds" after gluing tiles and limit that allows to conduct finishing work - not the same thing.
  • setting time staff.If it is the minimum, it is, on the one hand, increase the productivity, but on the other - complicate alignment adjustment sample position.Therefore, to apply in such a glue can only be a professional, to respect the accuracy of masonry.
  • For what type of tile adhesive is used.
  • gluing (base material) can be made on any surface.
  • How long frost caused the adhesive is able to stick the tiles.This will determine what size the surface may be pretreated with a mixture, and then fixing produce samples.The higher the value, the higher the speed of stacking.
  • «viability» Period diluted mixture.This is determined by the time of his fitness after cooking.
  • Features of use.When there are various surface finishes complexity.For example, the tiling in some areas could be carried out only from the top down.Not all adhesives allow for laying on such a procedure (depending on the degree of thixotropic composition), because in this case the tile should not "slide".
  • The maximum thickness of the adhesive layer.For solid tiles, this figure should be higher.


What to consider

  1. adhesive consumption, the manufacturer, is not the most accurate measure.It is calculated based on the fact that all the conditions for the preparation of foundations made - alignment, pre-impregnation.In practice, it takes usually longer.After the surface, which can be wall, are made of different materials.The more irregularities on them, the more they have a porous structure, the higher flow rate.Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the glue with a certain margin, approximately 15 - 20%.
  2. On this basis, it is necessary to get acquainted with the term structure of fitness.If it is sufficient, the excess funds will be used later during the "point" repair rather than buy glue again.
  3. Ceres - km - 11 surfaces of porous materials (for example, cellular concrete) should be thoroughly primed, and several "approaches".This will significantly reduce the absorption of the adhesive and reduce its consumption.
  4. Use for exterior adhesives universal need with some caution.As you know, a cure for all ills do not exist.Even if in the instructions for use and stated that such a compound is used wherever it is necessary to ask the question - not whether it is another trick "ushlyh" marketers?And they have taken into account the peculiarities of our climate (if products - imported)?Glue, which is successfully used, for example, in Europe, we may not be effective.
  5. It is advisable to purchase the finished adhesive, rather than the dry mixture.Firstly, just to sustain the equity ratio of the components may not be possible if the composition will have to raise as necessary portions.Secondly, largely determined by the effectiveness of glue mixing quality ingredients, and this creates additional complexity when it is self-catering.
  6. If the surface finish after a while begins to fall off tiles, and even to fall from a height, and thus break up, then repair "will result" in a waste of time and money.From this perspective, it is not necessary to save on adhesive.


choice of adhesive is carried out on the basis of the specific conditions of its application and the type of tiles.Therefore, you should get acquainted with the instructions for its use and to compare its performance with the tasks that need to be addressed.

As an example - a popular cold-resistant tile adhesive "Ceresit CM11", which costs about 90 rubles per pack 5 kg.It is applicable in any region since the temperature range - from -50 to +75 0C.But the finish is carried out only in the warm season - at least at +5 0C.This proves once again that the choice of the adhesive is done individually with all the features of the installation and the climatic conditions at the place of residence.