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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a round box made ​​of cardboard with their hands - and a video circuit

story of cartons back to the early 18th century.The boxes were used for different purposes, and varied sizes and shapes.Round boxes are suitable not only for packing gifts or storage of women's hats.They can store a thousand different things, but the appearance of these boxes will allow them to keep and open to view locations.Yet round boxes are most often used for gift packaging.This form of packaging more festive and attractive, but for storage it is of little use.

make round cardboard box

should decide first, which is a box.If just for something is one thing, but if to place in it a particular thing - is another.First you need to decide on the future size of the box.If you want a certain size, it will determine the size and certain bottom.

how to make a round box

first selected thick cardboard to the bottom of the box and lid.In general, the density of cardboard for boxes recommended at least 180-250 g / m2.On the bottom and the lid must be taken more dense cardboard, than the side surface.On the cardboard sheets are marked by two laps.This will be the bottom of the box with a lid.Cut the workpiece.To do this, you should use an ordinary school compasses.The diameter of the lid taken to do more than the diameter of the cap.All cut parts of the box should be the ideal form, or the box will have a skewed view.

next stage - the blank side surface of the box.From the school course we know that the circumference is equal to pi * 2R.It was so long and you need to cut a strip of cardboard.However, this requires the inside circle harvested under the bottom of the box, to hold another circle with the same center, but with a radius smaller than the radius of the bottom blanks for about 1 cm.

cardboard strip intended for the side, is bent into a roll.This is done carefully, it is not permitted breaks and crackles cardboard.The ends or glued or fastened with tape on the inside.After that it remains glued to the bottom of the side wall.But this requires to make small cuts over the entire length of cardboard strips.Then they gently podgibayutsya.This provides greater surface contact sidewalls and bottoms, and hence reliability of bonding.

do a box made ​​of cardboard

The same principle is a narrow strip of cardboard, which was later, after giving it a circular shape, glued to the circle, intended to become the cover of the box.It is necessary to carefully choose a reasonable difference in the diameters of the two strips (very small, depending on the thickness of the board), or loose cover will "sit" on the box, and will fly with her.When making a small gift box round handy for the side surface and carefully cut piece of circular tube, and a cardboard roll from under the towels.

box made to look more attractive and festive, its surface being prepared for decoupage or pasted colored or patterned paper.There are no limits to imagination of the one who wants to do everything himself, with his own hands.