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August 12, 2017 18:06

Garden furniture from plastic bottles with their own hands

Perhaps the full diversity of all its features plastic bottle as a building and finishing material can demonstrate it in the manufacture of garden arbors.Garden furniture from plastic bottles can be ascetically modest, and may resemble a luxurious royal palace in miniature.It all depends on the desires, fantasies and master skills.

Garden furniture from plastic bottles

Arbour from plastic bottles

collection of plastic containers

Yes, plastic bottle - cast-free material.But to collect the necessary for a more or less large-scale project the number of bottles you need to spend a lot of time.Moreover, the question arises of storage stocks.Plastic light, he does not fight, but it takes a lot of space.As a rule, experienced owners accumulate a stock of bottles 400-500, let him in the case and begin to collect the next batch.This number of bottles can be stored by pushing this one utility room (shed, storage), without creating problems with cluttering the site.Collection of raw materials can also be optimized, agreeing with the points of sale where they sell drinks in plastic containers in the bottling and summer café.To save money on paying for garbage disposal (typically, organizations pay for it, depending on the amount of exported waste), the owners of bars and cafes will gladly leave you to these bottles.

mosaic floor, fishnet curtains

from plastic bottles can not perform all of the arbor, and use them as a finishing material for some of its individual parts.For example, multi-colored tubes can be laid mosaic floor.The easiest option, which can handle even a child - it covers the indentation in the wet sand.Along the perimeter of the future gazebos should be well compacted earth, set the formwork, pour a layer of sand, moisten it and to be pressed tightly colorful cork.However, such a floor is not very durable.A more thorough version - installation of traffic jams on the cement or cement glue.You can use a mixture of cement and tile adhesive.

Paul can be made of tubes

Paul can be made of tubes

From the bottoms of plastic bottles can be made interesting fishnet curtains that will make your original gazebo.Initially, the pan is heated clean sand and slightly reflowed edge cut bottoms, a second pressing them to the hot sand.This is done in order to eliminate any burrs that may be formed by cutting off the bottoms.Then in two or more locations (depending on what your intention is to raise the curtain) on the edges of bottoms caves and bottoms are strung on a wire.It turns out delicate curtain that can be solid (in the gazebo perimeter) or assembled from separate long strips (to close the entrance to the gazebo).

From the bottoms of the bottles can be made interesting curtains

From the bottoms of the bottles can be made interesting curtains

course, and tiled floor, curtains and delicate, and can be used in the pavilions, constructed entirely out of plastic bottles.

Garden of the bottles: a simple algorithm

Although garden furniture from plastic bottles at first glance seems quite unpretentious object, it's better to start at once with building and with the drawing.So you can calculate how much you'll need a bottle, think about what color and size they should be, how will be located, how you use the bottles as a decoration pergolas.

defined the place, where there will be a gazebo and carefully calculating all the drawing, first carefully leveled the site, and then set the wooden frame.Choosing the boards for the frame, pay attention to their width: it must comply with the thickness of the plastic bottles that you will use.Wooden boards need to dig vertically along the perimeter of the future pavilions, and then hold them together by transverse beams - usually tie them at the bottom and at the top, but we can do a bunch more, at about one meter from the floor.

walls of the gazebo can be collected from bottles just strung on a wire.The wire is secured to the upper and lower frame beams.To give the aesthetic appearance of the bottles, they can be painted (it is recommended to paint the inside of the bottle, pouring into them a little paint and turning until the paint does not cover the entire inner surface).But the transparent walls looked no less original.

Garden of sample bottles

Garden of sample bottles

Another option - to collect plastic bottles from the original "brёvnyshki" required length.To do this, cut the bottoms of bottles, unscrew the cap, and then put the bottle on top of each other, until you get the required pile height.For extra strength, you can use glue or tape to waste bottles, but usually this is not required.The first bottle, which put on the rest, and which will be located at the bottom, it is recommended to fill with sand, and the rest do not need to fill.From ready-made "brёvnyshek" collect wall alcoves, setting them on the sill frame upright and connect a wire between them.

Interesting garden furniture made ​​of bottles

interesting gazebo from bottles

gazebo roof should be inclined to do, to avoid stagnation of water.Rafters is desirable to make of timber similar to the one from which the frame is assembled gazebos.Crate made of thin strips.Roofing material - the same plastic bottle.But work on it will have a bit more than that over the one that goes to the erection of walls.

have a plastic bottle, you must first remove the bottom and narrow neck, then cut it lengthwise.It will turn a rectangle.This rectangle, heated in hot water, should be put under pressure, so that he stood up.Straightened rectangles using a stapler (furniture) combined in one solid sheet.This will be the roofing material for gazebos.It is fixed to a wooden base with nails.

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