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Country Houses

August 12, 2017 18:06

Garden house with their hands

We all want to escape from the city and enjoy nature outdoors.No one is hurt and fresh herbs on the table.To solve this problem once and for all, we acquire suburban area.Well, if enough money for a full-fledged cottage.And if not?We have to buy a piece of land with an old rotten shed on it and come up with something yourself.The best option - is to build on the site of a small country house with their hands.To learn how to do it, having spent a minimum of manpower and resources, will be discussed in this article.

project selection and material for building a country house

today the appointment of suburban area has changed somewhat.It became necessary not only for the cultivation of vegetables and fruit crops, but also for recreation.In this regard, the conventional small shed for tools nobody will be the modern requirements of the following lodges:

  • He must have sufficient space to accommodate at least, kitchens, lounges and verandas.
  • It should be electrified.
  • big plus is the ability to use it in the winter.
  • If the site is small, it is necessary that the house is not occupied a lot of space, but it was roomy.

main types

projects There are a lot of projects for the cottages, to find that is not too difficult.All of them can be classified into three main types:

  1. simple design without thermal insulation, protecting only the wind and rain.
  2. Complete multifunctional cottages year-round use of a small area.
  3. two-storey building with an attic.

first type of suburban buildings can be attributed to the type of lightweight structures, which do not require the construction of any serious foundation and are not capital.Most of these houses are made of boards or plywood.The use of modern materials allows even create such structures to attract attention.These are the available options for the construction.

An example of a simple country house of

example of a simple country house from the boards.

It looks like a house made ​​of simple materials , but with a design approach.

It looks like a house made of simple materials, but with a design approach.

Dachnoe building made with modern materials .

Dachnoe building made with modern materials.

The second type is the most common.Such houses combine the simplicity of construction and relatively inexpensive household full amenities of a country house.They require the construction of the foundation, and if necessary, winter use and insulation.

The project is the original capital of country house .

original capital project country house.

If the site is small, but your family is large, it would be desirable to make such a house, and to place it occupied little and could accommodate a lot of people.It is best suited in this case a two-story structure.On the ground floor in a house can be placed kitchen and lounge, while the second bedroom.The second floor will be enough to make the mansard.Construction of outdoor terrace near the house is a huge plus.

Sketch of a two-storey country house with an outdoor terrace and a loft .

sketch two-storey country house with an outdoor terrace and a loft.

most popular materials

Until recently, the country houses built mostly of wood.Boards, logs and lumber cost is not expensive and are available to all.Wooden houses, and now have not lost their popularity as create harmony with nature and have a very beautiful appearance.Today, this building material was no longer so accessible.The cost of wood is much higher than many other modern materials.For the construction of capital cottages are often used brick, light concrete blocks, sandwich panels, and any other materials used in the construction of conventional homes.

What material to choose depends on many factors: personal preferences, the cost in your area, delivery capability, features of the project.Choosing the type of foundation determines what material will be manufactured house and what properties of soil at the site.For the house from a bar or frame construction is fine columnar or helical foundation.It does not require large financial and labor costs.However, if the water table is close to the surface, or the soil loose, it is best to use a strip foundation.It is more reliable in this case.For walls of light concrete blocks or bricks, of course, better to base band design.

roofing material for a country house can be picked up whatever.The best option is a metal or corrugated board.With its low cost, they allow you to make a reliable and durable coating that protects both from the rain and the snow.

Step by step instructions of building a country house with their hands

To describe the process of building one-story country house we choose a rectangular shape with dimensions of 6x4 m. The house is located a kitchen and a lounge.Its entrance is through a small terrace with a barbecue oven.The same oven is used for heating in the winter if necessary.The house is made of laminated veneer lumber, treated stain.The foundation of a monolithic belt under columnar terrace.Gable roof, closed metal tile.On the site there is no electricity and running water.

We describe here the construction process of the wooden country house .

We describe here the construction process of the wooden country house.

foundation construction

project envisages the construction of a house, which adjoins the terrace.Since the use of the periodic structure is expected in the winter, then, in order to avoid heat loss, you need to make a strip foundation.Under the terrace, it is not necessary, so there are designing bars.Since the walls are made of laminated veneer lumber, they will not have a large mass.A visit to the house a few times during the winter does not necessary deepening of the foundation up to the level soil freezing.In this regard, we take the minimum allowable depth of 60 cm. To be completely freezing inside the contour of the foundation will make insulation of expanded clay, so the height should not exceed 20 cm. Immediately fill with the base and under the stove.It will measure 100h100h80 see.

To log will be used glued timber section 150x150 mm, therefore a sufficient width of the foundation will be 25 cm. Under the terrace will do 4 column, buried 60 cm and having the same height as the rest offoundation.Bars prepare to build a square with sides of 25 cm. Knowing the geometric parameters of the house, we calculate the need for materials to fill the monolith.
volume of all foundation we find the following formula: L * W * H + 4SH * W * H = V, where P - perimeter of the strip foundation, W - width B - height.In our case, we get: V = 20 * 0.25 * 0.8 + 4 * 0.25 * 0.25 * 0.8 = 4.2 m 3.At the bottom of the trench arrange a sand-grit pad.Its thickness is 20 cm. This is the fourth part of the volume.Accordingly, the gravel on the cushion we have 1 m3 and 3.5 m3 of concrete considering the fact that it will fill the space between and gravel.If the concrete will be ready to order, then nothing should be considered more.If the knead themselves, the quantity of cement is taken according to the following table, depending on its grade.

Table based cement consumption per 1m3 of concrete from its brand .

table depending cement consumption per 1 m3 of concrete from its brand.

Thus, if we take the cement brand M300, we need 300 * 3.5 = 1050 kg cement bag or 21.Five times need to gravel, or 5 tons, three times more sand, that is 3 tons.It remains only to determine the cost of all this in your area.When the device foundation waterproofing must be done as from above and below it and laterally.

Once the foundation is completely dry, inside it to the top go to sleep concrete block, pre-clearing the surface of the soil and the grass and making a sand cushion.We will need about 4.8 m3 of insulation.You can do this later, in front of the floor unit.


Laying Before laying the foundation beams to make it waterproof any material.Construct framework will tie with the corners like a log structures, ie cups.First row to put into account that logs should go to the pier foundation terraces.

Logs from the first row bar overlooking the pier foundation terraces .

Logs from the first row bar overlooking the pier foundation terraces.

Beams for the floor we put 40 cm. They are made from conventional timber section 150x150 mm.This distance makes it possible not to construct a rough floor of thick boards and to lay the plywood floor boards or directly on the floor joists.Based on the size of the house, we would need 14 bars to 4 m. The rough floor on the terrace will do of the block, so there is no need in such numbers lag.Enough of those that will be based on the posts.

Bruce wall stacked on each other and are held together by wooden pins it.For the normal height of the walls, we'll need 20 bars on each wall.Total turns 80 pieces, half of which is 4 m, and the second part on the 6 th. To order bar should be just long enough to not cut it.After collecting all the frame, put the top joists through 1 m. And leave for shrinkage of 1 year.In this case, the top row and the corners need to close a waterproof film.

Fully assembled and prepared for shrinkage frame .

Fully assembled and prepared for shrinkage frame.

ceilings and roof

attic floors do on logs, which are mounted in the penultimate row of the framework.They stitched the bottom of the board, which is attached to the plywood sheets.Top laid vapor barrier and insulation.They can be mineral wool or foam.The roof build gable.To do this, do the rafters, which are stacked on one end of the rack, stand in the middle beam and the second to the top row of a log house, acting as a valley.Then sew up the boards, pediments and carefully cut the triangles on their line.Lathing is done through a 45 cm. Axes.On it fasten stapler vapor barrier membrane and close the roof of roofing material.In our case, this metal.Unforgettable draw roof additional elements: wind and ridge boards.

construction furnace - Fireplace

To the lodge was comfortable and always comfortable, including the winter, it is necessary to make the stove.It is recommended to choose a design that would allow the use of a furnace for heating homes and for cooking barbecue and barbecue directly on the terrace.Her erect so that the fire can be drown from the terrace and from inside the room to heat the house.

An exemplary project fireplace garden .

exemplary project fireplace garden.

finishing and landscaping

Glued laminated timber does not need a special finish, so cover it inside and outside the stain.The ceiling can be used to upholster lining, or any other material.Since our house is wooden, and the floor can be made of wood.Today there are many types of floor board and paint for her.Sex is better to do on the terrace of the composite board, which does not fade and does not warp in the sun.The territory enclosing the terrace railing with railing.This will give the elegance of the entire construction.Around the house is done blind area of ​​paving slabs.It protects against moisture and decorate the local area.

Since the site has no electricity supply, then this problem must somehow be addressed.For this purpose there are generators operating from the internal combustion engine.This unit will help greatly in the process of construction.all tools will connect to it.Then it will create normal conditions for the stay in the house.With this device you can power the entire electrical snap house.To reduce the noise from the engine, the device can be placed in any barn next to the house or the closet, having arranged an outlet for exhaust gas.Today also there is a possibility of the water and on the site.Well drilling is not very expensive, and the pump can be fully operated from the generator.

Taking the decision to build a country house, it is necessary to calculate the forces and financial capabilities.The proposed option requires a fairly significant financial cost, but still did not such as the erection of a full-fledged country house.If this is not possible, then you can build a small panel house, similar to those that were proposed at the beginning of this article.