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August 12, 2017 18:06

The structure of the sandwich chimneys and installation rules

integral part of the design of any of the furnace is a chimney.With it made removal from the furnace combustion products harmful to life and provides good traction to sustain combustion.Today, more widespread sandwich chimneys made of stainless steel.They are increasingly choosing the owners of private houses for their stoves and fireplaces.Why is this happening and what is the reason of interest?

Rules sandwich chimney installation

sandwich chimney installation rules

Design Features Sandwich chimneys

its name sandwich chimneys are required to fairly new technology, on which layers of different materials collected in the design, resembling an ordinary sandwich.chimney body consists of two tubes which have different diameters and are put into one another.Heat seal is placed between them, is often used mineral wool or basalt fiber.They are used as high resistance to high temperatures, open flame and chemical resistance to the active substances, these materials at height.Yet they are capable of absorbing sound waves and retain heat very well.

Video - design and installation of sandwich chimney

type sandwich pipe depends on its purpose and on the temperature conditions of the environment where it will be used.They vary in diameter and thickness of the thermal insulator layer.Connection of double-pipe can be in different ways: bayonet, flange or "cold bridge".

flue system components

Naturally, the system for removing the smoke can not be performed only straight pipes.It should go around encountered on her way building construction elements pass through the roof and floor.It is collected from the sectional fragments that dock together with additional elements.Chimney make such basic elements: the sandwich pipe-tees elements for connecting the construction of the chimney with the furnace or fireplace inserts, for bending channel smoke stroke used models 15, 30, 45 and 90 degrees, the condensate tank to drain the moisture that accumulates on the walls of the chimneychannel due to the temperature difference, the elements of the roof passage for overcoming roof structures with organization quality thermal and waterproofing, auditing tee with a door to control the purity of the channel outlet of smoke and soot cleaning the mouth to the upper edge of the chimney construction, the support console that serves as a base for wall oroutdoor channel type, wall clamp to secure the chimney to the wall;

chimney system consists of the following main elements:

  • sandwich pipe
  • tees - the elements for connecting the chimney structure with fire chambers of furnaces and fireplaces, for branching channel chimney
  • knee - for the chimney channel bend using various models15, 30, 45 and 90 degrees
  • collection of condensate - to drain the moisture that accumulates on the walls of the flue duct as a result of the temperature difference
  • passage roof elements - to overcome the roof structures with organization quality thermal and waterproofing
  • audit tee with a door -to monitor the purity of the flue duct and clean it from soot
  • mouth - for the construction of the upper edge of the chimney equipment
  • support bracket - for floor or wall foundation under the chimney
  • wall clamp - to secure the chimney to the wall;
The structure of the chimney sandwich

sandwich structure

chimney flues Double-circuit - the advantages and disadvantages

Turbofan chimney with insulation

Turbofan chimney with insulation

Positive aspects of this design:

  • good appearance;
  • perfectly combined with different models of boilers and stoves;
  • possible both external and internal use, due to the ease and versatility of the design;
  • not clutter up the space inside, as, for example, brick chimneys of the significantly smaller volume;
  • made of stainless steel sandwich pipes are not susceptible to damage from chemical and-heat, ie by factors resulting from the combustion of fuel;
  • long-term use does not leave marks on the surface and is without prejudice to the inner layer, allowing you to design reliably perform its function;
  • a high level of thermal insulation is guaranteed protects against condensation, which is especially true when the equipment is operated with a straight stretch;
  • smooth surface of the inner tube prevents the deposition of soot and allows rarely clean the chimney channel;
  • high fire safety is ensured by excellent thermal insulation that prevents the outer contour heated to extreme temperatures that can cause a fire of combustible parts of the building;
  • convenient design that allows for twists and bends of the chimney makes it possible to go around any obstacles in the way of his pads without disassembly or removal of parts of roofs or floors;
  • the entire structure can be erected without additional foundation, which significantly reduces the cost and simplifies its installation.

Of the shortcomings of the sandwich elements of the chimney, it is worth mentioning their relatively high cost, and the possibility of leakage loss with prolonged use.Due to constant changes in temperature adversely affects the structural integrity.However, with guaranteed service life of 10 15 years, in practice, they function much longer.

Preparing for installation

To ensure maximum safety of the chimney penetration through the thickness of floors is necessary to observe the correct order of its installation.To carry out the chimney through the ceiling, use a specially prepared before the installation pipe.Its walls are laid insulation material (mineral wool), and then isolating the inside thereof, joints and wall connection.To pipe went into the ceiling at a certain site, marking by which the ceiling doing a doorway.At junctions pipe to the elements of the ceiling lay a layer of mineral wool as an insulator, then you can install the flue pipe sandwich.Important!Sandwich tube running along the fire hazard areas, such as ceiling or wall elements of wood and beams require laying additional insulation layer.

Additional insulation of the chimney

Additional thermal insulation chimney

calculating the parameters of the pipe, it is necessary to pay special attention to their free wheeling through the prepared holes, they must not come into contact with the ceiling overlap.The joints in these areas are not permitted.To provide ventilation and cooling, leave space between the pipe and the pipe itself.After completion of the chimney lining, pipe protection elements are installed, checked the verticality of the chimney.Important!The use of sandwich pipes for the organization of the first chimney elements directly from the furnace, is strictly prohibited.

Installation diagram sandwich chimney

scheme sandwich chimney installation

rules installation of pipes

Installation of flue systems start from the bottom to the top, ie, from the premises of the heating equipment.It is necessary to insert the upper inner tube in the previous one, and the one that from the outside - to put on top of the previous.This method makes it possible to protect the heat insulating layer against moisture.Installation of the pipes is carried out "of condensate," that is, so that the moisture from the walls did not penetrate into the joints.The effective sealing ensures long term use of sealing compound, with operating temperatures ranging from 100 degrees.For additional fixation corners and joints, joints, tees, elbows, using special crimp collars.Hooking on the wall of the chimney should be every 2 meters.Remember that the maximum length of the horizontal section must not be more than a meter.All places of overlapping passing flue system developing are pipes, insulated with mineral wool, according to the basic rules pozhbezopasnosti.Regular duct cleaning makes installing a removable part or reviziruya holes with door.

Important!Installing a chimney flue should avoid touching the lines of electrical wiring, gas pipeline and other communications.

Accounting distances when installing

Accounting distances when installing dymohodaMontiruya chimney, you need to measure the distance: flat roof must be under the pipe at least 50 cm; if the outputthe chimney is 1.5 meters from the ridge, it should protrude above the ridge 50 cm; if the yield is 1.5 - 3 meters, it is the height of the highest point of the ridge, if the output is more than 3 meters away from the ridge, ithigh edge must be at the level of the line connecting the apex sloping 10 degrees, if the roof of inflammable materials required to raise the edges of the system design smoke running on metr- a half above the ridge;

chimney installation rules

installation rules chimney

Having all the necessary materials and elements, as well as the detailed instructions, can be carried out independent installation of the chimney sandwich.However, the installation quality and guaranteed reliability and long service it will provide treatment to the professionals.And you use the sandwich chimneys?Write in the comments.

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