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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make room in the second floor

preparatory process before installing the second floor in room

Before installing the second floor in a room, you should perform a series of preparatory work.In the first place, all you need is good attention to detail, to decide on how it will look in its final form, and make a sketch of it.

To create a drawing, you can consult with a specialist: he will help with the choice of materials will help to determine the type of construction that is suitable for the room and will give good advice, where to start and how to finish the job.

to create such a structure will need a good amount of construction materials, so it is best to prepare them in advance so everything needed was at hand.

For the construction of the second floor plays an important role room size and ceiling height.The minimum ceiling height should be about 3.2 meters, and to build two full floors will need about 4.5 meters.From the height of the ceiling depends on what kind of room will be located on the structure.If the construction is set for the bedroom that will be enough to 2 meters in height, and if on the second floor will be hosted storage - will be enough, and 1.5 meters.

Bed room on the second floor
Library on the second floor of the room

should be remembered that the small room is not suitable for the construction of such structures, since it must fit the stairs, and apart from them in the room should be also furnished.

Normal staircase takes up most of the room.To climb to the second floor you will need about 15 degrees, and this is already done.But if the room is not that big and does not establish this kind of stairs - it may be replaced by sliding.These are mainly installed in attics, they take up much less space and are less comfortable.

Retractable steps

to independently make a ladder, look video tutorial easily.

How to install a second floor room

to the second tier of the room served for a long time, and came to install it, proceed step by step instructions.

Step 1. First of all you need to do a solid furring.

Step 2 stacked on the beam frame.

whole structure must be securely attached to the walls.If the beams are made of metal, you will need to weld them or firmly bolted.The metal design looks more attractive than wood, as it is much thinner.Wooden design will look powerful.
The metal structure of the second floor
The wooden construction of the second floor

Step 3. Attach the design to the walls and ceiling with brackets.They can be purchased at any hardware store.

Step 4. After the frame is installed, you need to cover the floor of the second floor.This can be done with wooden planks, chipboard or special glass.

Step 5. Make a fence.It can be made of any material, a minimum height of one meter.

Step 6. Set the ladder.Depending on what size of premises, define the place where it will be located.

ventilation and lighting of the second floor rooms

known fact that warm air accumulates near the ceiling.And so to be at the top of the room with no ventilation for a long time impossible.

Basically, the second tier of the room is set near the vent, but if this is not possible, then such a system can be done by yourself.For example, let ventilation through the roof, or combine it with another room via flexible pipes and a fan.

With regard to lighting, it all depends on what kind of room on the second floor.If it's a bedroom, it will be enough lamp, or if there is planned to make the office or the library will have natural lighting.It will have to make changes in the wall and do the window there.

Natural lighting of the second floor rooms
Installed chandelier on the second floor room
Second floor room