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August 12, 2017 18:07

Chandeliers in modern design .Examples and photos

chandeliers in a modern style - mobile and original models for living

Many designers say that the chandelier, located in the center of the room and creates an exceptionally central lighting, has slowly but surely, moving into history.They are replaced by mobile lighting with different light directed flows.

Traditionally living is considered one of the most important rooms in the house.Typically, this room is large enough, so it is equipped with just a few light sources.For example, set a modern crystal chandelier and several sconces or recessed luminaires.The main requirement for it - all the elements must be designed in the same style.

Chandeliers in modern design .Examples and photos

lamps for living rooms must integrate harmoniously with the interior of the premises.It is important that artificial light was the most similar to the natural, as this will help ensure a comfortable stay in the room.In addition, modern chandeliers ceiling should give most of the light on the ceiling, and the lower - on the walls and floor.

It is not necessary to install lighting in the living room the center.Allowable to use multiple light sources, each of which will illuminate its functional zone.However, if the living room is large, the overhead light should be mandatory.

Chandeliers in a modern style - mobile and original models for the living room

for selection of chandeliers is better to abandon patterns that light flux is directed directly downward.Typically, the main lamp is installed in the center, but it depends on the location of the main elements of furniture.

in rooms with false ceiling is better to abandon the central lighting is much more appropriate is to install recessed luminaires point.

The large living room with high ceilings, it is best to set the crystal chandeliers, they fit well with any interior.

Chandeliers in a modern style - mobile and original models for the living room

Photo of chandeliers in a modern style kitchen

When choosing lighting the kitchen, above all, take into account whether the main chandelier light source, or will simply perform a decorative function.Also luminaire type will depend on the performance style cuisine.If the chandelier is the main source of light - it is located in the center.If there is extra - it can be placed in the working area.

Photo of chandeliers in a modern style kitchen


  1. kitchen made in a classic style, lights-balls fit perfectly.Good will look multicolored glass balls, as well as models with pendants.
  2. Kitchen in the style of Provence, or Italy will be a great solution forged light candles or candelabras.Also a good option would be a model that has a surface artificially aged bronze or silver.
  3. For kitchens of high-tech and modern chandeliers are indispensable in a modern style asymmetrical bizarre.

Photo of chandeliers in a modern style kitchen

Eclecticism as a new trend in design

Despite all the usual recommendations, fashion designers are advised not to focus on a combination of styles in the interior.Now at the peak of popularity of eclecticism, that is, the combination of the maximum number of styles.With the right approach, ceiling lamp in a modern style will look good in a typical classical kitchen or a room in the style of Provence.

Eclectic as a new trend in design

Very interesting solution for any room - a game on the contrast.That is the classic lamp shape, made from the most modern materials and installed in a modernized interior.Or modern chandeliers are made of artificially aged material finished in bronze and placed in a room with a classic interior design.

Photo modern lighting in the interiors of various houses proves that eclecticism is now very common.