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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ceiling chandeliers in classic style

Crystal chandeliers in classic style in the interior

Especially popular now enjoy crystal chandeliers.With a variety of models, you can enter not only in the classical interior, some will look great in a modern room.With regard to such styles in the interior of a baroque and rococo, here without the chandeliers in the classic style does not do.

Not long ago it was thought that chandeliers can be hung only in the luxurious interiors, now they are being placed in ordinary apartments.For example, before lighting crystal devices were very expensive, so buy and they could not all.Now, the manufacturing process is simpler and hence cheaper.

Ceiling chandeliers in classic style

-tier ceiling chandelier classic still remains the most popular model.Depending on its type and design you can pick up for any interior.For example, a chandelier for the interior in modern style should be simple form, without excessive glamor, best with transparent or white shades.For high-tech style fit the model with chrome elements, however, it can be the classical form.Fans of such styles as the Rococo and Baroque is better to prefer a lamp with chandeliers.

Crystal chandelier will add a classic room elegance and nobility.It can be performed in the form of a sphere, cup, or it may be more unusual shape, such as a flower or leaf plexus.They are usually decorated with mirrors, Swarovski crystals, chains, suspensions, and other elements.

Ceiling chandeliers in classic style

chandelier classics from Italy and Spain

Italy is one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world.Italian fixtures differ exquisite beauty and grandeur.They are characterized by large scale, making them ideal for large rooms with high ceilings and luxury elements in the interior.Ceiling chandelier classic, created by Italian craftsmen, ornaments and a variety of different shades.Among the models, you can find excellent options, lampshades which are made of quality fabrics of different colors.These models create a soft and diffused light in the room.

Chandelier classics from Italy and Spain

Chandelier classics from Italy and Spain

The variety of lighting from Italian designers amazes - there are models for 18, 21 or 12 shades, decorated with Swarovski stones.

White classic chandelier

Recently, there was a tendency to set the white chandeliers, photos of which offer Internet portals and print publications.It is a versatile option for any room, suitable for both home and for public institutions.Photo Classic chandelier white color in the interior shows that such a lighting device is combined with any furniture, provide bright illumination and a comfortable stay in the room.

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Photo classic chandeliers in the interior allows you to choose the best option for every budget for any home.Classic has always been and will be in the trend.