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August 12, 2017 18:07

As a self- sheathing metal ladder tree

choice of material and tools

Natural wood has always been, and will be used in the construction and decoration of the interior decoration of the home.Modern technologies allow to combine in different variations of this material with others, because the wood products do not always meet the requirements for strength and reliability.That is why the frames for the stairs began to make metal, because they are more durable and resistant to mechanical damage and high loads.However, smoothing rude sheathe their different cladding materials, including wood.

The choice of material and tools

Before plating the stairs with his hands, you must decide on the type of wood that will be used.It can be as expensive materials and low-budget.

most often for this purpose use the following types of trees:

  • Oak - very strong and durable, but also the most expensive material, which eventually becomes only more reliable and more noble;
  • Ash - has a high wear resistance and toughness;
  • Beech - strength characteristics bring it to the value of the oak;
  • teak, wenge and etc.- These rocks are of foreign origin are popular because of its exceptional color quality;
  • Pine and fir - do not have sufficient strength, so are used more in a decorative finish.

The choice of material and tools The choice of material and tools

The entire timber should be well drained and have no external damage and cracks before use necessarily processed antiseptic, preventing its decay.

addition to wood trim you will need as a specific set of tools:

  • drill with drill bits for metal;
  • Hammer and nails;
  • screwdriver and screws to him;
  • rubber hammer;
  • Fasteners:
  • line, building level and pencil or marker;
  • joinery tools.

Preparations for plating metal frame

preparatory stage before the main work includes several points:

  • Decide on the design of future construction, taking into account the availability of podstupennikov, railings and other elements:
  • givenoperational loads on different parts of the stairs, pick up for them the appropriate species of trees: for the stages should be selected durable varieties for vertical parts between stages - softer materials.Next
  • performed the necessary measurements for the steps and handrails, the accuracy of which will depend on the appearance of the frame;
  • make measurements you can start joinery vytesyvaniyu trim elements.

Important: for each step to make individual measurements and number them.This way you will protect yourself from possible inconsistencies and thus unnecessary waste wood.

Preparatory work on the plating metal frame

sequence plating metal frame tree

prepare the necessary number of carefully measured and cut boards and tools, you can begin the process of iron stairs cladding:

  • drills in each stage at a certain distance from each otherdrilled holes.For this purpose, special drill for metal different diameters.
  • Thereafter, on wooden boards marker or pencil marks are applied, the size and the distance between the corresponding holes on the steps.With the help of a manual drill or drill holes drilled in the workpiece;
  • After all manipulations, wooden products are attached to the stairs.For this purpose, bolts, screws or screws, and that they choose this will depend on the abilities and skills of the master.Fixing is done from top to bottom and attached to the rear of the ladder;
  • finished wooden step shall be 1 cm beyond the act in front of the metal parts.
  • secure all items on the stairs, go to the railing.

After completion of all works, building level measured evenness of wooden steps and reliability of fasteners.All surfaces are covered with varnish.

The sequence of the metal frame wood paneling