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August 12, 2017 18:07

World crystal chandeliers

Selecting a light

Deciding to purchase this gorgeous lamp, we should not forget that it will please more than one year.Throughout the world, valued chandeliers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, China and Italy.

Czech products - a standard of high quality, beauty and grace.It is estimated that to buy this beauty for your home is very prestigious.Indeed, for many centuries, it has not lost its value.Czech Bohemia elite - a reflection of the rich centuries-old experience of craftsmen, glass blowers.Amazingly beautiful products from Bohemian glass conquer the hearts of true connoisseurs.Even browsing the photo depicting the Czech lighting will not leave anyone indifferent.

Selection of lighting

satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs able Swarovski chandeliers.Decorated incomparable rhinestones, they become more subtle and elegant.The emitted light gives them room mystery and originality.

Germany also attaches great importance to its lighting products.Here lamps are manufactured in accordance with European requirements to the objects of the interior and the best cultural traditions.Photo expensive lighting equipment from the country neatly placed on many websites.

Spain their best masterpieces ever made with a strong national flavor.Modern crystal chandelier Spain is known all over the world.At its manufacturing accounted for the age-old tradition of Spanish masters.

Large selection of Chinese products no surprise.After all, 90% of the world production comes from China.Refined products are decorated not only restaurants, cafes and offices, but also modest premises.For example, odnolampovaya chandelier with crystal balls is well suited for a small room.If you are planning to buy a Chinese crystal chandelier, the price certainly will not disappoint.When you purchase should pay attention to the product description of the photo.Serious approach to the selection will help you choose a decent product.

Selection of lighting

Italy appreciates the true luxury.Made in Italy, the chandelier will be the subject of owners pride.Of course, the place of the chandelier hanging in the most elegant room of the house.After all, a lot of polished crystal pendants for chandeliers create a unique brilliant shine, the most bewitching of your guests.

Practical tips

Miracle lighting is desirable to choose in accordance with the style of the room.It is best crystal for such styles as Classicism, neo-classical, Empire, Baroque, Rococo.Although now and it's not a rule, modern interior design combines incongruous, as long as the owner liked its acquisition.The main condition is still to be observed.When choosing a massive crystal chandelier is necessary to consider the height of the ceilings, to the splendor of crystal does not clutter the room and hung over his head.

practical tips

Upgrade and repair

With modern spare parts for chandeliers problems do not exist.Many sites offer directories where you can easily find all the necessary details.Therefore, pendants and crystal chandelier parts can be bought at a reasonable price.

But, if needed restoration?This is a very laborious process, the case for the real professionals.Do not do it yourself, be sure to consult a specialist.

Upgrade and repair

energy savings

Many would agree that the LED bulb - a good solution to this problem.LED lighting is now gaining popularity because of its efficiency.LED-lamp - a real long-lived, which is not necessary to constantly change their service life can be up to 20 years.A great advantage of the fact that LEDs are perfect for installation in suspended ceilings.The film will not burn and become deformed because LED bulbs do not heat up.And, of course, important and indisputable advantage - these bulbs consume very little electricity.

necessary care

from time to time, the main decoration in need of cleaning or washing.How to clean crystal chandeliers, especially with balls?To do this, of course, remove all the hangers and wash them in cool, soapy water and vinegar without abrasives.After - wipe dry and hang back.Be careful not to damage the fragile elements.Warning: Turn off the electricity before work!

It should make the right choices and the room will shine with new colors!

Needed care