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August 12, 2017 18:07

Protective and decorative lattices for heating radiators

kinds of decorative lattices for heating radiators

By design features decorative screens are divided into the following types:

  • Flat - for radiators that stand in the window, or other niches.
  • mounted without cover.Usually such elements are used on cast iron radiators, which are arranged below the sill.
  • mounted with lid - for batteries that are somewhat protruding from under the sill.
  • Side box.Use if you want to hide the battery fully.

Types of decorative lattices for heating radiators

a heating radiator grilles are also divided into types, depending on the material for their manufacture:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • MDF;
  • plastic;
  • glass screens.

features of each type of overhead racks at

radiators for modern interiors perfect solution is to install a metal screen or grate.Metallic species may be formed as a thin sheet, which covers the battery.This low-cost model screens.More expensive make forged, as the material used is stainless steel.The advantage of the metal screens is that they are easily mounted on the battery.

Features of each type of overhead lattices for heating radiators

Plastic grilles on radiators are the cheapest options.It was their most often installed, however, use their children in public schools or residential premises is not necessary, as they are in the excessive heat can release very harmful and toxic substances.But for industrial premises or offices of the lattice made of PVC are ideal for radiators.

MDF screens are an excellent alternative to expensive natural solid wood.This durable and harmless material can easily produce virtually any screen.radiator heating MDF Grates are cheaper than wood, but apparently they do not yield.Such screens can pick up for any interior, as with conventional carpentry tools from MDF can easily create a variety of variations for screens that will not only perform their function directly, but will be a real interior decoration.Unlike plastic, these elements are absolutely harmless to health.

Features of each type of overhead lattices for heating radiators

Price lattices for heating radiators

cost of these screens will depend, primarily, from the production of the material.The most expensive can be called wood and metal, wrought-iron grilles for radiators.Wooden, made to order, can cost 8000 rubles, and grille made of MDF - in 2000.

Price lattices for heating radiators

lattice price of metal radiator is around 1500 - 5000 rubles.If you are doing for the exclusive project screen, be aware that it will cost several times more expensive.