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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a design project apartments on their own ?Drawing apartments with sizes

What gives the design project of an apartment?

Due to the design project, you can think about almost every aspect of the interior apartments:

  • decide on the issue of the organization of space, to achieve practicality, comfort, compliance with good taste;
  • correctly build all of their wishes for the interior through a plan which will see his idea in the materials, as well as in form and color;
  • compared during the design materials with similar properties to identify suitable just for your home project;
  • work on the style of the whole apartment and separate rooms;
  • decide on the color scheme of the interior of each room;
  • consider the accommodation options in the apartment of the necessary equipment and furniture, as well as items decorating the space;
  • create detailed architectural and construction plan, which should include all the walls to be dismantled, partitions, including those that will need to build.The plan introduces an element of plumbing, and the installation of electrical appliances;
  • harmonize documentation package with the construction company, which will deal with your home repairs.

First step: tonnage plan

Work on the tonnage plan - the first and most important stage of the design of the interior of the apartment.This kind of drawing rooms with dimensions of all the elements.In tonnage plan indicate the exact parameters - height, width, the length of each of the rooms, and non-structural load-bearing walls, the parameters of door and window openings.At this stage, also made a mark the location of all utilities, sewer and water risers, ventilation shafts, sensors, announces a fire, electrical switchboards, as well as the heating panels.

Tonnage plan apartments

When performing measurements necessary to fix the position of the object in the video and photos, and if you need to do to bind to the cardinal.Welcomed the thoroughness in this work: the average time measurement of a new apartment of 100 square meters - 1 hour.Resellers need some more time on the measurement because the process is complicated presence of elements of furniture, window sills, finishing materials, door boxes.

Design plan future kitchen

Development plans floors and ceilings

Today people fixated on creating a unique interior, so today there are different kinds of plans for structural elements: ceilings custom configuration, pilasters or columns, niches of particleboard, gypsum board.Therefore, these kinds of schematic parts should indicate their exact sizes.In that case, if you decide to create a level ceiling, we recommend creating a separate plan of decor elements.It must necessarily be a grid to create a ceiling bindings and radii.

Apartment project furniture and fittings

After this compilation should address the design space with the development of an accurate floor plan on which to depict the layout of ceramic tiles.To this end, pre-need to pick up the tiles for all areas of the object.This stage involves familiarization with an assortment of home improvement stores.After selecting a specific tile patterns should take up the expansion of tiles in a pleasing color.Do not forget to specify its size, direction and layout seams.Because of this you will be able to specify the exact amount of material that goes to consumption.

multi-level ceiling of the room interior

Scan the walls of the room

overriding milestone in interior design project - Scan the walls.Due to the correct execution of the sweep of the walls can be presented detailed interior of the apartment of the future masterpiece.Sweep - it is quite informative drawings necessary for construction workers.

sweep wall called front projection surface with the placement of the adjacent wall elements.This figure should indicate the type of finishing, the area scenery, as well as all sizes.Of course, a newcomer in the design, certainly, say that is not necessary to perform a scan.However, there are at least three reasons why the need for a sweep of the walls:

  • this drawing will help eliminate errors associated with the positioning of objects;
  • sweep allow to provide advance elements in the construction of the walls, which will subsequently be attached quite heavy construction.In these drawings often depict the position of switches, transfer boxes, sockets;
  • razvertochny drawing enables the design of interior, taking into account human anthropometry.If the scan insert the shape of the human model, it is possible to make an assessment of ergonomic properties of space.

Thanks scans the walls can easily assess the choice of colors for the interior, as today there are a number of first-class programs in which one can easily imagine the future projection room in color.

Scan the walls

Design software

At this point, you can highlight the advantages of the software of interior design, because design a project now under the force of each.One of the functional layout of the interior space on the programs is a service "Planoplan".To use them, you can, by clicking on the link

3D kitchen project Planoplane

This service is a 3D-planner, using which it is possible to draw the interior design apartments within a few minutes.He will represent all parts of the interior up to wallpapering and furniture placement.The functionality of this service include:

  • installation finished furniture, equipment library;
  • setting the sizes of elements;
  • choice of colors, textures, materials for the walls;
  • work with contour objects: baseboards and sculpted doorways, podiums and tiered ceilings;
  • work on the lighting arrangement;
  • several modes: 3D, 2D-plan walk through to create an interior within the program;
  • view of the interior of objects from different angles;
  • calculation of the required amount of materials used in construction.

As you can see, the creation of the design project of the object - a necessary measure, which ultimately will benefit greatly.You will not only be able to visualize the ideal in your view apartment, but subsequently make the correct installation of important details that can bring flavor to the interior.