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August 12, 2017 18:07

Calculator beams - user application program

Calculation beams

«How to calculate the load on the beam with the help of the program?" - This question asks himself every newcomer, who first encountered this problem.Below is the step by step instructions for calculating:

  • first of all, you need to select the calculator design, which will be used beams.It should be remembered constraint indicators: in the rafter system, the maximum length is 13 meters, and in the ceiling - 12 meters;
  • then indicate the maximum span girders, and in the case of roof system - the maximum distance between supports;
  • recorded distance over which you plan to install the beam.If you specify a decimal value as a separator of numbers, use a point, not a comma.For example, the number of 0.7 m;
  • fixed design load per square meter (in kilograms).Standard calculation load on truss system are equal to 220 kg / m2, and the soffit - 400 kg / m2;
  • latest specified angle rafters (in degrees).

All data must be accurate and not approximate, otherwise the calculation will be incorrect.

Analysis of beams on their own

In this section we consider a more economical option that will suit any home.Currently, wooden beams of the ceiling is the most popular in construction.This is because such a beam is easily manufactured and assembled.In order to calculate the load on them, you must use a ruler and a calculator plane.

So, taking all the necessary, you can start the sequence of actions specified in the instructions below:

  • first, forward bending strength of the section, taking into account the ratio of (5: 7), that is at the height of the beam to 7 meters, the width will beIt is 5 meters;
  • secondly, we find out the beam deflection based on the ratio of 1: 200 or 1: 300 of its total length;
  • third, the beam need to undermine a plane so that it came out in the form of an arch.This eliminates the ceiling dropping down as a "bubble".
  • Fourthly, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the beam, which also creates a certain load.

Important!Step beams mounted must coincide with the installation step studs.

Wooden beam ceilings house

Using beams is the most cost-effective options for installing home floors.Such beams produce and easy to mount, they have low heat conductivity compared to steel or concrete.

Wooden beams have a number of disadvantages such as the need for large cross-sections due to low mechanical strength of the material and low fire resistance, resistance to the damaging effects of micro-organisms and termites, so they must carefully handle the fire retardant and antiseptics.

Currently, the building materials market can buy beams of laminated veneer lumber, which have a vertical or horizontal position of the slats, as well as the I-laminated wooden beams, which can be combined with the OSB.To this list can be added and wood-metal joists, and spatial wooden beams.