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August 12, 2017 18:07

Unusual star home : an inspiration for anyone who craves originality

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The most common among people whose housing a refined fantasy, are music and movie stars.This is logical.If a person's profession is related to creativity, we can safely talk about originality personality, differing tastes very nontrivial.But not only celebrities from the world of pop and movie screen can afford to show off and to come up with something of such things for your home.For examples, as they say, not far to seek.

unusual - star - 04 home

House Zapashny

Circus artists, brothers Edgar and Askold Zapashnye live in a huge mansion, created a completely inimitable project.For example, the living room is decorated with a giant painting of a tiger.Moreover, it is not just a painting, a mosaic, lined with Swarovski crystals.And in the living room is a real knight gallery in the spirit of a medieval castle.It is decorated with tapestries and a fireplace, animal skins, produced in the hunt, as well as compulsory from the time of King Arthur's Round Table.Needless to say, a gorgeous collection of weapons, hung on the walls!

unusual - star - house - 00

House Timati

«Animal" in the interior loves and rapper Timati, he also decided to decorate the house a lot of different skins, but chose a different style.For "Black Star" was more to their liking (who would have thought) African spirit.The living room is made in a safari-style, it resembles a house hunter on lions.But at the same time for some reason in the middle of the room showing off a huge the original statue of Buddha dating from the eighteenth century.While the Buddha was, as you know, he advocates vegetarianism and non-violence on animals.However, the piano next to a great preacher as appropriate, as he himself - next to the zebra's skin.Eclecticism!

unusual - star - 01 - house

looks rather unusual bathroom.You do not come up with the idea to build a column of the unit in the ceiling?But Timothy decided that this is a very even not a bad idea.By the way, if you had a party and decide to go to the toilet, keep in mind, there is one secret.When the light in the "outhouse" is enabled when you turn off the illumination in the living room, the huge mirror, which you can watch in the toilet, it becomes one-sided transparent.That is, from the living room, you can easily see everything that happens in an office thinking.My friend joker is.Therefore, beware of unnecessary actions that could be interpreted not as it should be.

House John Travolta

Well, who does not know that a famous Hollywood actor just going crazy on various aircraft equipment!It is therefore natural that the construction of his own house, he immediately thought of where will ... helipad and a runway for private aircraft hangar which takes up more space than all the dwellings together.And, most surprisingly, it begins (or ends?) Runway directly in the living room!But Travolta - the only one traffic jams certainly will not get any!In the morning, drank some coffee, a sandwich charge, sat behind the wheel and from home to work, it is possible even in a neighboring country, if you are shooting, for example, in the coveted Hollywood director Czech Republic.And in the evening again home - lovingly cooked cook dinner!It's great just to residents of Moscow region should take note.


Pierre Cardin Home

famous fashion distinguished by the fact that solved the problem with a home fenshuem.As the Chinese interior philosophy, the smaller the angles and straight lines - the better.Well if so, then the way and there will be no angles.The artist himself designed the house, which consists exclusively of spherical cells, so the angles in a mansion is not at all.No!

unusual - star - house - 03

Bill House Gates

Despite the fact that their children Bill Gates has left no inheritance, rightly thinking that everyone in his life he has to succeed, and not rely on parental billions Statement (deserved-taki!) he allowed to buy a dream house.More precisely, a very ordinary house, but its electronic stuffing NASA would envy!Starting from the liquid crystal wallpaper and finishing with a heated terrace, where the air temperature is regulated by special microclimatic system, whole house is absolutely packed with high-tech equipment and, of course, computers.

unusual - star - 05 - house

House Daniel Negreanu

featuring more originality in the approach to the construction of dwellings and "Kasparov Poker" Daniel Negreanu.Intelligent athlete, earning enough money on it to provide themselves with personal housing, showed unusual approach that as a designer invited his numerous friends.Each allocated "area of ​​creativity" and suggested not to hesitate in implementing the wildest undertakings.Peers, such as Negreanu punters room PokerStars set to work with all his heart.Moreover, each brought to the song at home as much madness as possible.And when another such event will stand out - show off in full force, just not against the owner?Therefore, the house appeared on a rotating plasma in all directions flexible platform, kitchen furniture "pluck the eyes' color, home video arcade, as well as the bold lighting technology.Who exactly showed a flight of fancy, Negreanu is not recognized.It seems that poker colleagues had not been invited as a designer on another project that could be more crazy.Previously, I remember, after the construction of a unique facility like the temple of the Saviour on Spilled Blood or the Taj Mahal architects blinded.To could not create anything more beautiful.So, it's better really silent.

Raphael House Nadal

Tennis player Rafael Nadal, by the way, a good friend Negreanu and also a professional poker player, though not involved in interior Creative colleagues, but happy to have traveled by native Spain and chose the house for the realization ofown dreams of a luxury home.He bought a breathtakingly beautiful vintage manor house in Mallorca, just a stone's throw from the beautiful caves of Porto Cristo.House with a site a few kilometers distinguishes the old interior, which, if restored, will look simply stunning.Stone fireplaces, statues, fountains in the palace style - all this against the backdrop of lush vegetation and the sea, which laps right next to the stairs that go down from the terrace to the water.Beauty!

unusual - star - 02 - house

And if you were building your own home, what would it be?The original or "like everyone else"?Or are you ready to boast already embodied in the life of the imagination?