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August 12, 2017 18:07

Repair stormwater

maintenance of drainage in the cold season

Care, as well as maintenance of the system include regular inspection, the aim of which is to monitor the system and diagnose its stability after heavy rains and floods, as well as the capital treatment, which involves the removal of contaminants from drainage wells and repairstorm sewer if necessary.

When soil icing meager runoff and the virtual absence of groundwater in the winter water drainage sewage virtually none.If you follow some of the recommendations can be avoided by a system of conservation:

  • Laying drainage pipes at a depth that is less than the depth of freezing
  • If the pipe work in gravity flow, it can prevent them from breaking during the cold season
  • necessary to equip crushed stone sprinkled around the drainage.This will protect the pipes from freezing and gravel, and the air will serve as insulation.

drainage maintenance in the cold season

When the cold weather of the uninsulated drain well, remove the pump unit.Back to establish its worth prior to the drainage sewer, that is in March or April.

maintenance drain sewerage system

During use stormwater in the production of pipes and wells installed hatches and plugs to prevent the ingress of debris and dirt in the system.

  1. Regular maintenance.drainage work involves the accumulation of silt at the bottom of wells, dirt and debris that is carried into the pipes.If the well control pollution levels, we can all avoid clogging sewage.When the sediment level is big enough to do well cleaning.It is produced via own pump and drain hose, the water supply net.Contamination constitute an emulsion with water which is pumped pump.
  2. Capital cleaning and repair stormwater.Every 10-15 years, it is necessary to diagnose the system and capital washing of pipelines to remove scale and sediment.

Maintenance of drainage sewage system

order to purge the capital was organized optimally, it is necessary to construct drainage wells initially and at the end of the pipeline, as well as on every second corner.

Flushing has both direct and reversed from the end of the pipe to the top, and then vice versa.Drainage cleaned water is fed under pressure, only after cleaning the drain well.

Proper use of drainage and timely organization of repair and maintenance work extends the service life of pipelines up to 50 years.Then the polymer material constituting the tube, wear, but the system is still suitability of about 20 years.

Maintenance of drainage sewage system

Repair livnevki

repair stormwater begins after the diagnosis and determine the efficiency of the system.If the deteriorating ability to pass rainfall, determine which parts of the system had deteriorated.Then you need to check the water drain and then it can be put into operation, but it should be remembered that in order to avoid flooding of the site, repair work should be carried out as soon as possible.

  1. livnevki peculiarity is that it mainly consists of a metal pipe, and therefore resist corrosion.
  2. repair involves the replacement of metal pipes with diameter 0.1m polymeric pipe of the same diameter, in addition to the release of the pipe, which is located after the water trap which must be steel.This prolongs the life of the system up to 50 years
  3. For outdoor use gutter pipes of steel coated with zinc.As it circulates the air, and it is not in contact with the ground, his term fitness is big enough
  4. avoid tearing runoff in winter is necessary to equip the heating mechanism

Repair livnevki

Heating livnevki

Heated storm drainage mayusing electric cable, which is laid on the inner walls of the pipes or wrapped around the outside, and further Insulate.

most effective is the use for such purposes, the self-regulating electric cable, which promotes energy savings as a consequence of the automatic reduction of the degree of heat depending on the ambient temperature.Its use will make defrosting storm system quick and easy.

Heating livnevki

It should be remembered that the timely care of drainage and cleaning, as well as repair of storm sewer, will extend the life of the systems at the site, as well as to reduce material costs arising from unexpected breakdowns that occur, if you do not pay dueattention to these things.