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August 12, 2017 18:07

Fence to give of corrugated board - choose and assemble their own

What good is profiled?

huge and diverse market of construction materials able to drive in a stupor inexperienced buyer.How to choose a quality and reliable material that can be used for a fence for the house, garden and so on?The optimal solution, meeting all requirements, is profiled.

It is a versatile building material that is equally successfully used in residential and industrial building for the production of ceiling and permanent formwork, sheathing hangars and warehouses, arrangement of fences and gates.It is a steel sheet with a polymer, or a zinc-coated alyumotsinkovym has longitudinal trapezoidal corrugations.

Suburban fence of corrugated board - from what will you choose?

There are many different classifications, consider the basic, which can significantly affect the quality of intake and appearance.

Galvanized profiled .Due to the use of cheap raw materials, the price for this type of building material is low.This limited and all its advantages.very low resistance to adverse external factors can be attributed to shortcomings, such as rainfall, temperature changes, etc.Fences made of corrugated board of this kind can often be found on construction sites.

sheeting coated .It is durable and reliable building material.Thanks polyester coating composition, these sheets have a high performance - durability, resistance to corrosion, as well as to adverse external factors.The service life of the sheet is about 45 years.During this period, any additional service to this building material is not necessary.

This decking features a large choice of colors and coatings is very attractive from an aesthetic point of view.The polymeric coating may be applied to one side of the sheet or be bilateral.Due to its properties, this very popular building material for installation of roofs, exterior finishing of prefabricated buildings, hangars.of corrugated coated fences and railings are modern in design and appearance, mechanical strength, environmental friendliness and low weight.

Depending on the height of the profile and the thickness of the sheet, this building material is divided into:

  • profiled roofing is used when installing roof and wall slabs;
  • profiled carrier, used in permanent formwork and ceilings;
  • profiled wall, another name - decking, fence .

Fences made of corrugated board - Getting Started

Usually installation of the fence of the building material is carried out independently, asassembling corrugated fairly simple operation and requires no construction education or special skills, assembled his most in the country.To install the fence of corrugated need spray paint for painting installation defects, screws, metal, installation tool Ā«KlepperĀ» and rivet it.

Before installing the metal fence is necessary to make the layout of the land plot, calculate the length of the load-bearing pillars and purchase.Experts recommend installing them in increments of 2.5 meters, taking into account the wind load.

to secure the poles need to dig a hole of appropriate diameter.The depth of the pits must not be less than 1 meter.Poles installed in the prepared holes, pour gravel and pour concrete.During this process, do not forget to control the height and vertical support pillars.Just mount the fence for the garden should not be made of corrugated board.It is necessary to give the concrete to dry.

by welding at poles attached prozhiliny.For maximum rigidity prozhiliny desirably set in parallel in three rows.Profiled fixed overlapping one corrugation.Mount decking must be to a height of 1.5 cm from the ground to the spring melt water does not stagnate in this place.

Locked decking screws 4,8h19 mm, and even rivets 4,0h80 mm.Fasteners are included, along with a sheet.If lashing done through corrugation in three rows, the consumption of screws on a sheet of around 15 pieces.

installed on top of the decking plank fence is put to the aesthetic appearance of the fence and in order to conceal the installation sheet irregularities.