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Country House

August 12, 2017 18:07

Insulation of a country house as a remedy for many diseases

plan warming holiday home with full of holes budget

As a heater can be used many different materials, even a foam when applied fairly thick layer will become a reliable barrier against winter cold.But it's not in the thermal conductivity of the material and its durability, because the prospect of every year to change the insulation panel house with his own hands horrify even the most hard-working gardeners.

But what if not enough money, and requests the size of a country house?Try the cheapest option by far - the elimination of gaps.If there are enough powerful heating means have in the country, and walls with the ceiling will not release the heat to the outside, to be sure, even in makeshift shield will be warm in the most severe frost.

begin identifying gaps through which heat can evaporate from the premises should be from the ceiling.As you know, hot air rises up and ... which he then disappears?Through the gap slowly flowing out even higher, apparently hoping to heat the attic or even swinging at combating street cold.Take high-quality waterproofing and staple gun are targeting it to the ceiling joists by first removing the covering.

The insulator can be used as roofing material .From the ceiling to fill the void between joists expanded vermiculite, it is very inexpensive and provide additional insulation holiday home.Fill all joints in the assembly foam corners nailed sheathing and enjoy ... stop, and where a draft?We turn to the examination of the walls.

Insulation of a country house - low cost options

If you agree with the company about the construction of panel houses, and you have promised that it will be warm with mineral wool filler in it, but concealed that only in the summer, have either completely exploit the heatingdevices, or to create their own country house warming.

In the first case, you will spend every winter means a lot of electricity or fuel, and in the second - it all depends on you, be sure that the avaricious pays twice or even three times.But millionaires panel houses do not get, so we rely on low cost materials.

So, foam - to get easier, many types of equipment, appliances - all of this is packed with this material.On the wall mount is also easy - using a special glue (be careful, some of the compounds are melted polystyrene) and nails or dowels with large washers, and then clamp paneling. disadvantage of foam - with the release of an excellent flammability wonderful thick and acrid smoke .

With regard to mineral wool, in addition to the one that fills the gaps between the boards built, better to give preference to the one that is made on the basis of basalt fibers, since it is not as harmful as glass.For the exterior insulation using roll material can be rolled from the top down, fixing under the eaves.

Fasteners same, glue or nails and screws, and better still in the complex.Top sheathe clapboard and order.Lack of mineral wool - high moisture saturation, she pours the installation, and after it, too, must be well insulated from it as the room and the courtyard, while the use of protective clothing and breathing masks.

Insulation of a country house, subtlety insulation

Whatever the insulation you use, with the exception that the cutting edge teplopaneley that represent and thermal insulation and cladding of the building, do not forget about protection from moisture.Before laid for insulating plates or mats of mineral wool or foam panels, take care of their waterproofing, which is suitable for ordinary plastic film.

Use the staple gun is being targeted to the wooden walls.If the house is built of brick, pre-adjust themselves to the walls with screws or nails horizontal or vertical bars, which are mounted and film.

very important to ensure the thermal insulation door, for this purpose require a double layer of insulation, if it is mineral wool roll, and in the case of the plates of this material, it will be enough one layer.

When the damp protection is provided, the joints are sealed metalized tape, after which the corners are treated with foam.Now you can start warming farmhouse ways listed above.It is important to remember that if you use the vapor-permeable material, trying to make the house to "breathe", and then all the other insulating layers must have the same quality.

And after all the walls will be protected from the winter cold, carefully inspect the window frame and sash.Where necessary, they promazhte silicone sealant, it will save you from unnecessary drafts and your home - by shaking his sneezing and coughing.