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August 12, 2017 18:07

What are the remedies for moles in the country to choose?

Ineffective methods of dealing with moles

Most people use mainly folk remedies for moles.The most common of them is stuck in the ground metal stick with a metal jar top.The essence of this method lies in the fact that for any movement of air, the bank publishes a horrible sounds.It is true that the clang rather scare all the people in the neighborhood, and shrew only partially.

Ineffective methods of dealing with moles

also often in burrows little animals put rags soaked in kerosene.Its pungent smell is able to scare away moles.However, the animal may be buried at the same hole with a rag and dig a few new ones.

common, but not an effective remedy - the sulfur smoke from the grenades.Perhaps this method frighten and drive out smaller diggers, but at the same time, it also will destroy all the shoots of cultivated plants nearby.

Ineffective methods of dealing with moles

methods we refer to useless as planting around the perimeter of the garden bean plants, and throwing in a hole of calcium carbide.

effective remedy for moles on

giving all control methods can be divided into such categories:

  1. warning.
  2. Scare.
  3. Setting traps and snares.
  4. Hunting.
  5. Destruction.

much more humane and will properly use the first two methods, but in some cases, they are not effective.

Effective remedies for moles in the country

True repellent method does not always work, very often shrews do not react to sounds.You can scare away the smell, but that it must be very strong.And with a strong smell scare you, not only moles, but also its neighbors.

The people believed that the flower fritillary will help get rid of them.The bottom line is that the imperial fritillary has a very unpleasant-smelling flesh, and the flower itself does not emit bad smell.Flowers grouse of moles are effective only when the last pinned down in their nose immediately.Thus grouse should be seated around the portion.

Effective remedies for moles in the country

The best remedy for shrews

best option when dealing with moles on the site will prevent their occurrence.To prevent the penetration of animals on site, the spring must be dug into the ground small, metal, galvanized mesh.You can also put a plastic grid.

Currently, the only effective method that allows you to avoid the appearance of moles on the site.However, it is necessary to dig in deep net - 1.5 - 2 meters deep.On the surface enough to leave 10-15 cm mesh and attach it to the fence.This protection will ensure full security of your garden, while animals do not suffer.It is true when installing the mesh need to be careful - if you get a shovel is not there, there will be a hole into which the pest can easily get there.

The best remedy for shrews

Reviews of the grid of moles confirm its effectiveness.It is better to use a metal mesh, animals can not exactly chew them.However, such a material tends to corrode and rust, so the grid will be changed every few years.

Fight moles do not use tools that can cause harm to these animals.They can poison using earthworms, which are cut into pieces and sprinkled poison.The worms are placed in the holes in the ground and buried.

The best remedy for shrews

also set traps and use crossbows.Traps set directly into the earth moves.However, moles are more helpful than harmful animals, so it is better to give preference to humane methods of struggle.