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August 12, 2017 18:07

Autonomous sewerage for private home : how to choose

Plastic septic tanks - the basis of an autonomous sewer

Indeed, well-made and high-quality fixed unit wastewater treatment (compact station, aeration device, and so forth.) Immediately solves a lot of problems:

  • drains do not have to monitor to make agonizing system auditsbut just trust automation;
  • volatile enzymes present in all septic waste, in other words, unpleasant odors are neutralized within the tank;
  • liner sewer pipes to such treatment plant can be made with your own hands, but the specialists will install a septic tank for 1-2 days for a modest fee.

Plastic septic tanks - the basis of the independent water drain

main advantage of plastic septic tanks for autonomous sewer private home is their wiring diagram, which relieves the owners of hydraulic structures on a number of puzzling tasks:

  • do not have to spend costly concrete works, construction formwork with the constant expectation of a breakthrough of the upper aquiferlayers;
  • weight of the device itself (septic tank) Autonomous sewage, such as Tank Wagon 1, is just 104 kg;You can take three, move to install;
  • ability to output purified in three process stages (mechanical, chemical and biological) waste water directly into storm sewers or, more simply, in the gutters without damaging the environment.

Plastic septic tanks - the basis of the independent water drain

Autonomous sewerage tank: vote

opportunities We specifically addressed to the official website of the boundless world of plastic, which produces a system range of equipment for autonomous sewer private house (Tank, TRITON, Caisson et al.),just to understand the capabilities of these plastic septic tanks.

  1. The simplest device Triton Tank Mini .By the way, the tank - a tank for storage, transport or processing liquid, oil tankers - the same here.Septic Tank Mini has dimensions 1,25h0,82h1,7 meters and weight of 85 kg.This design can not only easy to install but also to bring in their own country house.It provides cleaning up to 500 liters of sewage per day.Price - 18200 rubles.

Autonomous sewerage tank : the possibility to vote

  1. Septic Tank wagon .Structurally the same, but the system can serve an autonomous sewer system of a private house in which people live permanently 7-8 (tank-wagon 4), so this option is called dacha we can not.Price a sewer system tank varies depending on performance in the range of 19.5 - 55 thousand rubles, the maximum size of the installation:. 3,2h1,2h1,85 meters and weighs 351 kg.Stuck great, but what to do.

Autonomous sewerage tank : the possibility to vote

  1. Standalone Tank Bio with the latest technology of biological wastewater treatment, volatile (work pressure compressors have to maintain electricity consumption), but compact and efficient.Four treatment chamber (reception, aeration and clarifier and biofilter) give the output is almost pure water.Accordingly, the prices within the limits 80-128 thousand rubles.

Autonomous sewerage tank : the possibility to vote

Sewage tank for a private house: reviews and recommendations

build comfortable homes of our fellow citizens have become not so long ago, so thoroughly understand the details of the device independent utilities in their suburban areas is not in time.While consumers attracted by the price of this equipment and the ease of assembly option, complaints about the quality was not.The first five years of operation of products, a full list of which can be found on the official website of the manufacturer ( cooled somewhat optimistic owners of autonomous treatment plants Tank.

Sewage tank for a private house : reviews and recommendations

There are two very basic reasons:

  • bought the wrong model, ie,failed to ensure the optimal operating mode selection septic tank;
  • mounted drains is illiterate, without taking into account the soil properties, the scheme of occurrence of surface aquifers, violations of seal supply lines, etc.