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August 12, 2017 18:07

Materials for drainage area

pipes for drainage system

Pipes for drainage

basic functional unit of drainage systems is the pipe.It is through these materials are the collection and transportation of excessive moisture from the soil.For the installation of the drainage system is best suited pipe fittings made of plastic.It does not corrode and is easy to work with it.After all, for the normal functioning of the drainage system is necessary to travel great number of holes in the pipe products.In the case of plastic pipes, the process is greatly facilitated.Identifies several types of pipe for soil drainage organization:

  • Pipe Fittings from PVC.
  • Polypropylene.
  • of polyethylene.

difference is in the temperature range, which can run one or another type of communication pipe.

Pipes for drainage


This kind of materials for the installation of drainage systems in different areas around the house is important.With an audit can be performed in-line equipment, and repair these devices.Manholes are installed in such areas of the drain pipe:

  • Turns drainage.
  • In the case where the drainage system has a greater length.
  • Locations change slope of the drain pipe.

Currently, materials for drainage area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type available on the market in abundance.The construction of manholes enables to mount the drainage system of varying complexity.These plastic products are made up of these constituents:

  • bottom of polypropylene with holes for connection pipes.
  • Vertical viewing tube.
  • cover of plastic or cast iron.


For the installation of this type of communication is best used Wavin manholes.This device is well suited to provide high quality execution of all functions of the manhole.The main advantage is a modular system of this device, which can be adjusted to different conditions.

dusting mounting

drainage system If you install a drainage system the drainage type need bulk materials that have the ability to absorb moisture.The layer of the composite is used for encapsulation of the drainage pipe.For these purposes, the following types of bulk materials:

  • Gravel.
  • Rubble.
  • Sand.
  • Also mixtures of these materials depending on the requirements of the drainage system.

Powder for installation of drainage system

use of geotextiles

During drainage with moisture in the drainage pipe can get small stones.They can clog the holes in the tubes, thereby impair the efficiency of the drainage process.To prevent clogging of the drainage nozzle is used the material for drainage area as a geotextile.This building element is used in various types of construction works.

The use of geotextiles

installation combining materials technology to create a system of drainage

All of these materials are combined with one another in the process of construction of the drainage system.This process is as follows:

  • digs a trench depth of foundation below the lower threshold.
  • bottom of the trench is filled with sand and compacted.
  • Then, on top of the sand layer is laid a layer of geotextile.
  • top of the geotextile is placed dusting.
  • On sprinkled on top is placed pipe.
  • top of the tube is filled dusting layer.
  • These are wrapped overlapping geotextile material.

Alternative materials for drainage organization

In addition to these materials, drainage, organizations can use alternative raw materials.Since different types of concrete can be employed for drainage.Because of this element can be created special gutters, through which water flows by gravity in a given direction.Of course, this type of drainage system may be used only when necessary removing rain water.

Thus, the article described and characterized materials, which are used for mounting different drainage systems.

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