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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wooden barn in the country

Choose place

First, you should decide on the place on which you'll build your households.block.Do not put it in the middle of the site, because it is likely that you will like to build, and the next will be the construction of a house.It is also important to note that under the law of the economic unit must be at a minimum distance - 1 m from the neighboring plot, and if you plan to keep it in chickens or other livestock - the distance increases up to 4 meters.

Wooden barn in the country

Wooden barn in the country

lays the foundation

Once you have decided on a place - you start the foundation.Before starting work, you need to remove the top layer of soil at 5-10 cm, well compacted and covered with sand to 3 centimeters.In the second stage, we need to outline the basis of our barn, using pegs and ropes.Next we'll stacking plates.Edge plates stacked on a tight rope to any construction mixture (do not forget to use level).All subsequent rows are placed relative to the first series.Plates are placed at a distance of 5 mm from each other (between the insert small pegs. After completion of the formation of our foundation, remove the pegs, the distance between the plates is filled in with a solution.

very important to remember that the final solidification of building mixtures occurs in 7-14 days.

Wooden barn in the country

Wooden barn in the country

Puts floor

For laying the floor will need a strong board, we are pre-treated with antiseptic and lacquer in 3 layers. in the laid the foundation and the base, it is recommended to put rubiroid by bending the endsinside so as not to accumulate water Set 4 boards around the perimeter and a few boards across the inside perimeter, to receive the base frame, fasten everything on galvanized screws on the bottom, top, sew board -.. this is our floor

building a house


Once we have a foundation and floor - we laid the framework of the barn.
Our detailed picture frame barn scheme, which you practice in construction.

After the construction of the frame, you can do both external and internal cladding of the barn, which will help to keep it for many years.

Build a wooden shed with their hands simply, and let this be the first step towards the construction of a large and beautiful country house.

Wooden barn in the country

Wooden barn in the country

About materials for the construction of holiday barn

When selecting materials for the building, remember that you are targeting for many years.Choose a durable and high quality materials that will help to keep your economic house for a long time.

Read carefully the instructions for building mixtures and increase their knowledge in this area - it will help you not only to build quality barn, but also to save properly.Do not do random, if you are not sure of something - looking information, learn.

Do not rush to the floor until he stood foundation, make a strong frame house, use level.Modern technology and a wide range of product lines allows us to gather the house as a designer, but do not rush - it must first of all be home, albeit small.


Shed ready, you can now proceed to the beautification of your site.Plan territory below the main house, paths, greenhouses and planting so that you finally feel comfortable in this area, but do not forget about the law, which clearly indicated the distance from the buildings to other buildings and the fence.

We wish you a pleasant holiday season for years to come!