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Utility And The Host. Room

August 12, 2017 18:07

How to create a storage room in the apartment with his hands ?

pantry in the apartment with his hands - if there is a utility room

Since apartments rarely have the shape of a regular rectangle, in the corridors and hallways are often found quite cozy niches where fits perfectly into the chair or even a hanger with a shelf for shoes.And if you go further?Such hidden corners here can hardly be put to better use, but to make a small closet with his hands.To do this, you need only interior door, a few boards on the frame to get an opening in standard sizes as well as drywall, to end up in the barrier it was nice to see.

Of course, it is best if the niche will be in close proximity to the kitchen, then the products will always be on hand at the mistress.If the corridor space to the utility room is not there, it is necessary to consider how to build a closet directly in nutrition unit. If the kitchen is spacious, it is possible to fence off a corner, just as it would be done in the bedroom to create a dressing room .In this case, you'll have a corner location of racks, which will be very convenient - all the products at arm's length.

Repair in the pantry - Obligatory

sanitation condition Because in an enclosed space with no windows always gloomy even with lighting, repair the closet is best to start with the color of the walls and the ceiling in one of the colors with warm palette.The lighter tone, the better.The surface is covered with enamel, including the ceiling, only the floor is better to put a tight linoleum, which is easy to clean up, even from the jam, if you are not lucky enough to break the bank.Door jambs and does not hurt to update, and at the same time make sure that no gaps around the latter.Below lay the nut, so that the door closes tightly around the perimeter of the opening.

Sometimes you may need to alter the closet, especially if it used to be hooks, shelves and drawers for clothes, shelves and you want to produce.In this case, you need to remove all the old fasteners to cover screw holes putty, and it is better to plaster walls, and then to do painting.Note the vent when it goes into the shaft, it is necessary to close fine metal mesh, and a second pull top, made of synthetic fibers, with even finer mesh.Here, in general, and all modifications, pantry, you just hang shelves or racks installed.

How to make the pantry with his own hands - practical advice

Redevelopment storage can be done in three ways, you can order racks with metal frame, make a frame independently from square metal profile or simply hang a shelf brackets.If you plan to rack frameless, board thickness must be at least 20 millimeters, and where will place heavy bulky items needed from the board 30 millimeters .Brackets (rack or rack) mount better every half meter, so that in time the board did not cave in.To

between the shelves was ventilation, do not place them against a wall, leave a small gap in the range of 1-3 centimeters.

shelf depth should be no more than 70 centimeters, customize this setting on the principle of arm's length for your convenience.On the top shelf, about 25 centimeters in height, it is more convenient to put small items, the lower shelves and leave for parking boxes and bags.Do not fill the shelves all the space by removing large items from the shelf, you still have to turn around and make it.So, before making the pantry with his own hands, in the calculation contemplate a passage between two rows of shelves, not less than 70 centimeters in width.Do not forget about lighting, which can be done not only common, but also separately for each shelf.