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August 12, 2017 18:08

Removable formwork - stages of its manufacturing and the materials used

The main types of formwork and their applications

only two types can be distinguished:

  • formwork removable type;
  • non-removable formwork.

removable formwork for the foundation is applied, as a rule, in cases where the necessary follow-finish building the foundations.Thus, the higher the quality will be performed formwork, the smoother the surface will be ready, which will reduce the cost of finishing work at times, and also used in this material.

Note!The most relevant materials for the structural element are represented by wood or metal.

second type of formwork is often made of styrofoam.This material also acts as an excellent heat insulation base.It is fair to say, would be very useful in those climatic zones of the world, where the harsh and cold weather.

Materials for

almost always removable formwork with his own hands made of wooden planks.This is explained by the fact that second-rate raw materials can be cheaply purchased at any sawmill.The thickness of the boards should not be less than 40 mm, and width of 10 cm is necessary.

Attention!The most optimal length of the boards for the manufacture of panels is considered to 3 m.

In addition, you will need a board, which is the size of 40x40 mm.Basically, this is all you can come in handy for making not only billboards but also the individual elements of formwork.If you feel like messing with the boards, you can simply rent a collapsible set for construction of formwork.It is made of metal.

In order to produce high quality shield offer our advice.Thus, longitudinal boards slipping into a single unit by means of cross-cuttings boards.

Tip!Recommended transverse trim board so as to be larger than the width of the assembly.This will further secure the panels, by driving them into the ground!

In addition, make sure to it that the front part of the structure was as smooth and even.This is done in order to spend less resources and materials for subsequent finishing work cap, and no matter whether it will be the foundation for a tile or plaster as normal.

formwork Erect their own

As with any installation work, installation of panels should start with a careful surface preparation.So, the place where it will be mounted formwork, must be free from dirt, snow or ice.In addition, it is recommended to level the ground gently to on its surface there were no depressions and mounds.

When the surface is ready, you can safely proceed to installation.We offer a phased work plan:

  • First, you need to drive in the earth rods, which will act as support elements of formwork.
  • Thereafter, the stuffed support board or plywood sheets.This is the case if you do not break boards in advance.
  • For mounting using conventional nails.

Attention!In order to strengthen the entire structure, it is recommended to drive in nails from the inside of the casing.

  • Further increments of 1 meter placed spacers around the perimeter of the base.
  • During installation, special attention is paid to horizontal and vertical surfaces of formwork were established strictly on the level.

Note!Dimensions are checked meter steel horizontal plane - building level, and the vertical - a plumb line.

  • When everything is installed and tested, you can safely proceed to fill the base of the future construction of a concrete solution.