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August 12, 2017 18:07

Photo walls to the bathroom - found their own hands .

Purpose partitions in the bathroom

What is needed is an interior element of a specific person.He says he only based on their designs.Basic goals.which carry glass partitions is:

  1. decor.Glass - a classic of the genre.The private glass elements perfectly complement the basic interior decorating and perform a function.The glass can be coated with a different color or painted, frosted or transparent.Walls of glass to expand the space and make the bath weightless.
  2. Zoning space.With the partition in the bathroom, you can define different functional zones, separate the area from the relaxation of home and make the room as convenient and useful.
  3. protection from excessive moisture.We all love to splash in the bathroom, and not to be afraid that the superfluous droplet falls to the floor or wall, and then wipe clean and nakupalis floors.All the fun of bathing disappear.To protect the floor from water walls of glass will be most welcome.Especially needed cover for the shower stall, otherwise the neighbors below will recognize that you take a shower.
  4. Masking.This function is likely to perform partition from another opaque material to hide the plumbing pipes, boiler, fence off the toilet from the rest of the room.Imagination is unlimited and depends only on your preferences.

partition in the bathroom

glass partition

glass wall with pattern

installation technology of glass partitions with their hands

Partitions of glass produced from individual slats connected special accessories.Materials resistant to aggressive water environment, to changes in temperature.Accessories and slats opened a special tool for a longer preservation of pristine appearance.

glass partition

The production uses tempered glass thickness of up to 1 cm, which is very difficult to break, and if this happens, then the pieces are obtained is not sharp and injure them is not possible.Glass can be decorated according to the customer by applying full-color poster, engraved glass, applying patterns using sandblasting, cause fusing.

order on the glass was not going to condensation, they are applied with water-repellent coating.To ensure the tightness of construction joints between wall and decorate walls transparent acrylic sealants.

Glass partitions - the best option for the bathroom.They have a number of advantages:

  1. opportunity to show all the imagination in the design of the room design.
  2. Installation is quick and easy "without the noise and dust."
  3. gives the space weightless and airy en-suite rooms, increase the visual area of ​​the premises.
  4. Glass screens are ideal for people who suffer from claustrophobia, ieafraid of enclosed space

If your bathroom is set in a way that touches three walls of the room, then this partition will simulate shower.

glass partition in the bathroom

setting the screen is necessary to think about the ventilation of interior space, so butt-set glass screen does not really stand up to the ceiling.There must be a gap of at least 10-30 cm. Blinds partition may have one or more doors, as well as to be sliding or accordion.For greater strength skeleton made of glass that have a greater thickness than the frameless.

choosing partition for the bathroom, stop your choice on the glass models, and they will please you for years to come.