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August 12, 2017 18:07

Hardwood floor between floors - the variety of species assort

device intermediate floors - what it consists of?

Overlap is one of the most essential elements of the building and is intended for separation by floors.It must meet the necessary conditions for good load-bearing capacity, rigidity, minimum deflection, acoustic and thermal insulation inside the building.This design is famous for its low cost and availability.

device interstorey hardwood floor can be produced in one working day without the involvement of any construction equipment.For buildings with views of overlap does not require the construction of a complex foundation.But as for the shortcomings of this design, then they are the high fire risk, the risk of rot and poor adhesion to the bearing elements of the building.

also worth knowing that, due to the low strength of the material, this overlap will not be able to withstand very high loads, and thus the beam is longer than 4.5 meters can not be installed without additional support fortifications.

Overlapping inner lining - types and classification

wooden ceiling of the first floor is to do with an extra layer of waterproofing and leave the air for ventilation.It will keep its design integrity in a long time.The wooden ceiling of the second floor, and the next after that do not require additional insulation in the device due to the fact that the temperature inside the house is about the same.It is enough to perform only sound insulation.

Overlapping wooden inner lining has its classification .They can be made by wooden trusses or beams of metal or wood.The first type was used until the second half of the XIX century.for large spans of stone and brick buildings.Mid-floor by wooden beams can be found in the old pre-revolutionary brick and stone buildings (so-called "Stalinka"), private and wooden houses.

third kind can be seen in stone and brick buildings.In this case it is more reliable, so is used for major repairs buildings with wooden beams and trusses.

Wooden overlap between the floors - especially the use of

design floors on wooden beams has a load-bearing elements in the form of rectangular bars of pine wood without flaws and defects, the size of the cross section of which varies depending on the span and the load on them.They can be used, and I-beams from glued boards, which are the mainstay of the lower shelves.

Beams must be impregnated with antiseptic and stripped of its bark, and their ends must be protected with roofing material.The distance between the beams is filled with wooden multilayer or single-layer shield, which should be based on the boards of top layer boards.

Soundproofing of ceilings provided clay-sand-lubricated two-centimetric thickness and layer of slag and sand.This type of construction has several uses.This may be intermediate floors in a wooden house and a stone structure.

ceilings between the floors by wooden trusses are used for the construction of large buildings gyms and shops due to their durability.It is also advisable to use them in the reconstruction and strengthening of the existing ceilings.

Usually the farm are made to order, so the installation of on-site does not take much time.They are made from high-quality planed boards.To extend the service elements farms should not have their part in the layer of insulation.

Hardwood floors on steel beams are bearing elements in the form of I-beams and channels with a distance between axes of 1.2 m. They can be put on their own and, as to fill the space between the wooden boards used them.The consumption of steel is quite high, which makes the arrangement of the overlapping more expensive than wooden beams.