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August 12, 2017 18:08

Insulation of walls of aerated concrete or how to save on heating?

Insulation of walls of aerated concrete - select

quality materials Before running to the construction market of the heater, be sure to consult a specialist to get advice.During this with money you do not take, and you will get useful information about what kind of material is perfect for such work.

Basically, aerated concrete wall insulation can be done using extruded polystyrene foam.Due to the fact that the insulation is considered to be universal, it is suitable for insulation of almost any surface.

and conventional polystyrene may be appropriate to carry out the work.Installation of any suitable insulation does not require you to special skills, but take some time to carry out works.If you want to make the procedure quick, you can use polyurethane foam.It is a special mixture which is foamed by direct contact with the surface.This coupling is so strong that this heater will serve you for decades.

The most important rule when selecting a suitable insulation - is to consider not only the current project but also your financial capabilities!But it does not mean that you need to save at each stage of the work, from the purchase of building materials and finishing installation of insulation to the surface.

main features of aerated concrete wall insulation

If you even conceive wall insulation of silicate blocks, the features of this process will be no different, since all of these materials have the same characteristics.

Attention!The main condition of the process of thermal insulation of walls - is the use of special construction materials and mixtures.

In view of the specific characteristics of the material, it is necessary to purchase such materials, which have high levels of vapor resistance.This applies not only paint products, but even plaster.

In order to prevent the occurrence of condensation between walls and insulation material, it is necessary to do a special ventilation holes in the insulation.It's worth a close look, what the density of the wall and some have decorative materials.In that case, if a higher density material, the above steps are making.

Experienced professionals know that the aerated concrete skips heat 4 times less than other building materials.Thus, by making the right heating system, you can save on the additional insulation of the walls!

General recommendations for thermal insulation of walls

to wall insulation from foam blocks and aerated concrete of the same was as effective as possible, you need to carefully stick to the surface of the wall insulation.To do this, use a special glue not only solutions, but also mounting that became known as "fungi".

After insulation carefully secured, proceed to the application of the reinforcing layer.For this purpose, special net made of fiber glass.After the reinforcement layer of plaster is applied to the control, which will be the basis for further finishing.

As a rule, as a final finishing material used siding.Before laying make it necessary to put a layer of insulated surface waterproofing.For fastening waterproof film used wooden slats, which later become the framework for the installation of siding.