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August 12, 2017 18:08

Dismantling of brick walls - rough work requiring accuracy

Dismantling brick walls: it is possible to endure, and that there is no

Dismantling can be performed for partition walls, as well as for load-bearing walls.They are characterized by the fact that the dismantling of partitions, there is no likelihood of violations of integrity of the building and, as a result of claims by the relevant authorities.While at the site of the dismantled bearing wall must necessarily be installed capital backup, so experts do not recommend highly any interference with the supporting structures.Removing the partition walls, in turn, can be done with a clear conscience, because no function other than the separation, they do not perform.

In order to produce high quality disassembly, it is necessary to prepare for it.It must be borne in mind that the brick - heavy enough material, and in the fall can cause great damage to the floor.If the repair is included in the plans for the replacement of the flooring, then drop the bricks is not a problem, but if the floor will not change, then be sure to do a layer of cushioning.The easiest way - is to lay it out of old rags and blankets.

Important!All furniture will also need to move away from the demountable wall as falling bricks and plaster may damage them.

tool that will be needed in the course of work, - a hammer, a chisel, hammer and a sledgehammer.

Parse wall

Before the demolition of the old brick wall, with her pre-wiring is removed.To do this, it must be disconnected from the power supply, since the dismantling of an increased risk of rupture of wires.There is also a likelihood that the chisel hits the exposed wire.In order to avoid difficulties with breathing the dust, it is recommended periodically dismantled wet surface.

Note!During operation, always wear safety goggles as plaster fragments can injure eyes.

Thereafter removed baseboards and trim.Further, it is already possible to shoot down the plaster, if any.By dismantling should begin with the fact that the first knock out the top few bricks at the site of the junction of the ceiling and walls.To this end, has hit a hammer on chisel, which is located at the tip of it between two adjacent bricks, which disrupts their relationship.No need to dismantle the wall in chunks, you need to remove a few bricks.


partitions When overhaul is not always necessary to remove.Often it is enough to clean up the surface to a crack in the brick wall does not entail serious consequences.The main way to eliminate such defects is smoothing and strengthening the plaster.The solution to it is the same as for masonry bricks - cement-sand base.Cement is better to use the brand M 100 .After glossing over cracks can decorate a wall in the usual way: the plaster and decorative coatings.

Sometimes repairing the brick walls has become more complex.This happens if the wall was severely damaged, and some bricks crumbled or dropped altogether.In this case, the damaged parts must be removed.The surface underneath is cleaned and then placed the bricks on the new solution, which is also desirable to mix the cement brand M 100 .Once dry, you can continue working with the surface.

Note!Despite the fact that the replacing only a few bricks, they must be put on all the rules masonry brick wall.