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August 12, 2017 18:08

SIP panels with their own hands - a new technology in his area

Making SIP panel - what is it?

This invention combines the thermal insulation and structural properties of the construction materials from which it is made.Externally, the CIP is expanded polystyrene, sandwiched between two layers of OSB.

To be able to combine multiple panels in the bearing wall in one of its ends is inserted wooden beams, and at the opposite end protruding from both sides of the edge of the OSB plates form a kind of groove to insert another panel timber.This connection, called the "thorn-groove", prevents the formation of "cold bridges" and ensures uniform thermal insulation throughout the house wall surface.

addition, several bars when connecting SIP-elements form a kind of cage homes, which greatly increases its strength.The fact that the above-mentioned Canadian frame technology per se is not provided, and the entire load rests on the home SIP exclusively solid-cells.

SIP panels with their own hands - training tool

Manufacturing SIP Panels with your own hands and requires a protruding edges of OSB-3, the main feature of which is defined by the orientation of the chip: in the upper layers - longitudinal in inner - transverse.There are different types of OSP, but the manufacture of our members requires it OSB-3.

From the above we see that the independent production of SIP panels is a matter entirely possible, and for its successful implementation will require the size of the table is slightly larger than a sheet of OSB.More sophisticated equipment for SIP panels is not a necessity, but it can be made on their own if desired.

For example, a device which glue is applied to SIP panels can significantly accelerate the process of their manufacture.Get rid of some inconvenience and would press for SIP panels, but in its absence can be applied vacuum pressing method.But we are a little distracted by the question of how to make SIP panel independently.

Manufacture of SIP-panels - how to act properly?

On a large table laid with a sheet of OSB and on its surface is covered with an even layer of glue.For this purpose, as we have already mentioned, a special device can be manufactured.If not, use a rubber staple or spray.Manufacture of SIP-panels require quite certain varieties of adhesives, such as, say, TOP-SD 15 or Kleiberit .

Largely adhesive consumption depends on the application, but the average for the manufacture of a CIP will need about two kilograms.

In the manufacture of SIP-panels with their own hands is very important the speed of the operations aimed to ensure that the applied adhesive has not had time to dry.So, OSB sheet coated with a glue polystyrene laid and leveled it, and smeared with glue.On top of the second sheet of expanded polystyrene put OSB.

In the same way after the first, is already ready for SIP panel pressing, preparing a second, then a third, fourth and fifth.Now you have to decide on the manner in which to create pressure on the five elements prepared for the best adhesive to set.If you do not press the issue can be resolved by vacuum molding.

For this stack of SIP-panel covers the usual tent cloth, the edges of which is firmly pressed or glued together at the bottom of the stack.A powerful vacuum pump to pump out air from beneath the awning to create a pressure in the range of 1 ton / m2.In this state, the entire structure leaving for one hour.