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August 12, 2017 18:07

gypsum partition walls

Types of walls and their characteristics

choice is really great, and we look at the most common options:

  • brick walls.This option is the most durable.However, the disadvantages too short.The wall made of brick is very heavy, which makes it a great burden on the overlap.Therefore, not everywhere have the opportunity to choose this option.Laying this method - really complex and lengthy process.For this reason, this type is rare.
  • wooden partitions.It is very common, environmentally friendly and easy.Of the drawbacks - poor sound insulation, fire-hazardous material and need for climate control.The temperature should be always the same, otherwise there is a risk that the tree was simply "lead."
  • Partitions plasterboard.In general, it should be noted that this material has been highly successful in other areas.The big disadvantage is, of course, fragility.In addition, do not use this material in areas where high humidity.
  • partition of foam blocks.One of the best options of the disadvantages except that high weight and artificial material.
  • pazogrebnevyh peregorodki- best choice.Made from environmentally friendly material.Mounting plate is very simple, heat and sound insulation is one of the best indicators.

gypsum partition walls

Mounting partition of gypsum partition plates

Before pazogrebnevye mount partitions, you need to do preparatory work.The most important thing that was not in the room temperature is below 5.Run the installation of two ways - rigid or flexible adjacently.The second option is used by those who want to do everything faster.In this case, the blocks are attached to the structure without additional spacers, which reduces the level of sound insulation.We look at the second option.gypsum partition walls

The first list of tools that will be needed to accomplish this task.

  • Rubber Mallet.
  • two levels.Large and small.
  • spatulas.
  • Classical hacksaw.
  • Plane roughing.
  • Mixer classic.

proceed directly to the installation of gypsum partition walls.

  1. Clear the floor and walls, they should be equal.
  2. using special brackets for elastic abutment.The bracket is mounted to the plate recess.
  3. jumper can not be used if the door opening width of not more than 80 cm., And is scheduled only one row of gypsum partition plates.
  4. In the case of the opening width of 80 cm., It is necessary to set a beam-jumper.

necessary to seal all the walls of the contact zone with the supporting wall plaster solution.gypsum partition walls

It cam boards as a partition material are the best indicators for ease of installation, quality, performance and long-term isolation, making this type of zoning and redevelopment prefers most installers.For people accustomed to working with their hands, this method is also quite affordable, thanks to the relative ease of assembly.The cost of the material does not exceed the barrier of accessibility, so this partition can afford each.

gypsum partition walls