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Bearing Structures

August 12, 2017 18:07

Ceilings made ​​of reinforced concrete - is not difficult to gather , the main lift

Precast concrete floor slabs - characteristic of the material presented

mounted design of reinforced concrete slabs, which are manufactured in specialized factories.They are a type of overlap, which does not contain beams.Plate or panel in this case fit tightly to each other, and the gap between them then are sealed.

As such, they carry the entire burden rests on them.At the same time during installation you must strictly observe the plates level.Connect the plates to each other is possible by means of steel anchors.They are fixed in a special metal hinges.

Because they are made in the factory, and only then are brought to the building site and assembled there, it greatly facilitates the work of the builders, who do not have to fill in such chat boards at a construction site.Moreover, they often have a higher quality than cooked directly on site.

Precast concrete floor slabs are usually carried out with cylindrical cavities inside, and can be presented in the form of solid panels.The first type is poured slabs of lightweight concrete mixture and the second block with a large number of round holes, which make easier to the plate.

They are made taking into account the carrying capacity of overlapping, and depending on the desired flight.It is best in private construction use such kinds of designs in homes of brick.And when it comes to specify, that such plates overlap basement or cellar.

ceilings made of reinforced concrete - the pros and cons

These types of structures have an undoubted advantage: they are not afraid of moisture and humidity, so do not rot or corrode.All the more so after laying floors are very easy to deal with his finish.This mounting requires a minimum amount of time, and there is no need to wait for the shrinkage of plates, so the finishing work can be carried out immediately.

is also necessary to pay attention to the relatively cheap price of reinforced concrete slabs, in fact for their production does not need expensive materials.Furthermore, the concrete is subject to deformation and burning.Another advantage is that a variety of design quality in thickness, shape and size.

However, the data reinforced concrete structures has its drawbacks - for example, the need for special lifting equipment for installation, as plates are heavy.Naturally, in this case, additional resources are required for transportation.Another count possible load-bearing walls in order to prevent their destruction under the weight of the overlap.

prefabricated Concrete slab ceilings - frame views of plates

As for variety of designs, the prefabricated reinforced concrete slab floors can be welded or knit .The fact that the plates to enhance strength of steel reinforcement is used, which is fastened together in several ways.

Welded usually made by welding the frame of the reinforcing rods.For this purpose, a point or arc technology.The best option is still a contact-point, which uses a semi-automatic welding process, and the quality of the process is constantly monitored.And it used and the horizontal and vertical reinforcement rods.

Knitted frame is more difficult to do this.To build it have been used for bent rods that are interconnected with a soft but sturdy wire.

overlap RC has a thickness of generally from 6 to 10 cm, and the dimensions of the area may be different, depending on the span.All of these parameters should be determined at the design stage yet, correctly calculating the load on the foundation and load-bearing structures.