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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to remove old putty - methods of varying degrees of cruelty

How to remove putty - in some cases it will take?

Repair work in almost all cases involve removal of all sorts of coatings on the walls, ceiling or floor.It can be a whitewash, old wallpaper, paint, and so on.Putty - the powder building material, which is also used for decoration.Its main purpose - the alignment of surfaces.

Removing the old putty can be partial or complete, so before you remove the old plaster, it is necessary to examine the entire surface of the coating for durability.If the filler is cracked or peeled off in some places, the problem areas should be cleaned using a scraper or spatula, well primed and re zashpatlevat.

If revive the old putty can not be cleaned and the surface must be completely, you should get the following tools: putty knife, a hammer and a chisel, hammer with spade or shovel, grinder with diamond wheel.

Removing old plaster - a common technique

Before you remove the putty should be to make the arrangements for working with a large amount of dust and dirt.All furniture must endure floor lay a polyethylene or newspapers on the door to hang a sheet soaked with water.

first thing is to try to define the statute of limitations of the old putty, about the thickness of the layer from this scope of work will depend.If the old coating is removed with a spatula or bad scraper, then you need to cook starch solution.Per liter of water placed starch two table spoons, after which the solution was thoroughly mixed.

The resulting mixture is applied to the surface with a brush, roller or spray and left for about fifteen minutes, so that the liquid seeped into the pores.After applying the plaster solution should be friable.Then, using the hard metal spatula, you must remove the old paint from the surface to be treated.

For convenience, the surface can be divided into sections and subsequently process them one after the other.On the joints between the slabs and beams putty should be removed with a chisel and a hammer, because in such places, it is the strongest.

Then you have to wash the surface with warm water.But before you wash filler, it is necessary to remove its remnants with sandpaper.

How to remove old putty, if the conventional method does not work?

If the old layer of filler is thick enough, it is best to use a hammer .To this end, the cartridge is inserted into the blade or a chisel and punch the work mode is switched to "blow."Thus the entire layer is broken.

An alternative is to use grinder with diamond wheel .First, on the surface of knurled, and then a layer of the old putty grinds.For this tool must be kept so that the disk is parallel to the treated surface.

Such a method is the fastest, but at the same time is very dusty.In carrying out this type of work should use a dust mask and goggles to prevent dust from penetrating into the lungs and do not irritate the eyes.

Before the start of the process is necessary to determine the location of wiring and cut off the current when necessary.During operation, you need to take breaks, and to ventilate the room.Before applying a fresh layer of putty the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and well-primed.