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August 12, 2017 18:08

domestic water pipe system : pipes and fittings

quality plastic pipes and fittings

The quality of plastic pipes and fittings

Plastic, polymeric pipes, and included them in the details to them on the composition can be:

  • Polypropylene (PP),
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

features external sewer network

External communication sewage finds its continuation in the interior.Its purpose:

  1. Issue groundwater from installations to constructions for water treatment
  2. collection and pumping of rain water.

types of external sewage:

  • pressurized,
  • pressureless.

Gravity system: characteristics

distinctive qualities of a gravity sewer system are:

  1. Function breeding and aquatic wastewater by gravity.Used sewage pipes and fittings of PVC and PP materials.A distinctive feature - bright orange, red color.

The construction industry contributes to the rapid distinction pipes color.Red, orange - external sewerage system, gray - interior.

Gravity system : characteristics

  1. There are two types of manufactured pipes external sewer network - one layer (used at a depth of 4 meters) and dual layer (used in deep water, most often produced from polyethylene with a corrugated surface and a smooth inner).
  2. competent professionals in the construction industry leave positive feedback to address plastic pipe outer sewage.Compound spigot parts occurs by means of rubber rings and in the manner specified in the image.

Gravity system : characteristics

Pressure system: characteristics and operation

Properties discharge external sewage:

  1. task aforementioned network - diversion of water drains from the internal sewer system to the treatment plant through a sewage pumping station (SPS).Discharge pipes and fittings used polyethylene, providing long-term work on the water system pressure drains and ground load.
  2. polyethylene pipe and fittings can withstand chemical attack, are not prone to rust, and is lightweight.They have an orange tint (fitness index in the external sewer system).
  3. pressure polyethylene base piping details in the composition have a plastic fittings (welded and crimping).

Pressure system : characteristics and operation

Special qualities internal drainage network

Appointment of internal sewerage system - to collect and divert wastewater to an external drain.

pipe and fitting design of internal water communication are made of polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride.Their color - gray.

PVC are resistant against chemical attack.Able to move the high temperature water (50-95 degrees).

Turba and PP fittings are resistant to a higher temperature (95 degrees).PP material is used for mounting non-pressure pumping stations.

PP pipes and fittings are different:

  • ignition Absence,
  • Fire protection,
  • Calm to chemicals.

Practice shows excellent stability of plastic sewer systems to chemical exposure.Not surprisingly, their use in mass Sewer institutions (hospitals, laboratory organization).

Cast materials internal sewage network

Discharge pipes and fittings may comprise a part of the cast iron material.Their production is based on gray cast iron with graphite impregnation.Home installation - according to GOST 6942-98.Eliminate corrosive processes helps specific treatment coating of cast iron pipes and fittings, bitumen solution, and means that will prevent rust, surface damage and promote softening of the surface coating.

Pros iron raw material:

  • strength,
  • long term,
  • fire safety,
  • reuse.

between a cast-iron pipes are held together by plastic tubes PVC and PP rubber adapters (adapters cm. To fig.).

Cast iron materials internal sewage network