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August 12, 2017 18:08

Act of accession

procedure for technological connection to the mains.

To legally correct to connect to existing power grid, you must go through the following stages:

  • apply for the implementation of technological connection of power facilities with an indication of the mutual points, the volume of the maximum power, as well as the intended kind of production;
  • conclude a bilateral agreement;
  • of executive authority to obtain permission for the admission of equipment in operation;
  • perform connection to engineering - technical support;
  • drawing up the act of adhesion.Act of accession

complex organizational and technical work on the connection of electrical equipment, which was conducted by the Power Engineering after filing, called an actual merger.The voltage is not applied to the objects.These steps are required after the receipt of the request from any natural or legal person, subject to their rules of technological connection to electric networks.

Treaty is an indisputable document, and only when it is available it will be possible to sue a claim for non-compliance with grid connection to the network.

connection cost.

According to claim 17 of the "Rules of grid connection to electric networks" (Postan. №861 from 27.12.2004g. Russian Government), the fee for grid connection is the sum of all of this work.. For the third category of the receiving equipment with a capacity of not more than 15 kW (inclusive) and require one entry point - no more than 550 rubles, provided: Act of accession

  • that the distance to the border area of ​​up to 300 meters in an urban environment;
  • in rural areas this length is increased to 500 meters.

When connecting objects more power with the addition of a few points, this amount increases, but at the legislative level provides installments for three years.The size of the cost for grid connection is corrected by the State executive authority in the field of tariff adjustment.

transmission grid connection rights in favor of others.

order to redistribute power, who belong to a particular legal or natural person for the benefit of other consumers, you need to network organization apply, having points: Act of accession

  • name t contact information User technological connection;
  • address where the power receiving equipment;
  • amount proposed for the transmission of power in favor of another person.

The application must be attached the following documents:

  • copy of the certificate of technological connection;
  • consent to the publication of the information specified in the statement.Act of accession

Specifications are not made within the prescribed period.

If due to some life situations, you can not perform on time specifications, and network organization can not be out - for this connection, then the applicant may extend the duration of the technical conditions.Additional costs at the same time, do not need to pay.Upon termination of the TU, the organization issuing them, shall be entitled to issue the new technical conditions for accession.Agreement with its legal force does not lose.technological connection of the Act, after its success, is stored in the network organization for 30 years.