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August 12, 2017 18:08

The diameters of polypropylene pipes

Key Features and diameter plastic pipes

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Everyone knows that plastic pipes are famous for their durability.On average, if you observe all operating recommendations, they can serve for 50 years, and during transport of cold water as much as 100. Thus, small variations in temperature are not particularly affect the qualitative characteristics.

For those who are not acquainted with the full list of advantages of polypropylene pipes, we recall the main ones:

  • diameter polypropylene pipes does not decrease over time, as on the inside does not accumulate fat;
  • they are resistant to changes in temperature and pressure;
  • polypropylene has low thermal conductivity, and therefore there is no condensation on the surface of the communication;
  • polypropylene piping perfectly absorbs noise, and thus the liquid transport is almost inaudible;
  • polypropylene piping installation is not only reliable, but also fast;
  • polypropylene deformation at low temperatures is minimal;
  • easy transport of the product;
  • minimal maintenance.

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polypropylene pipe is used not only for water supply systems, but also for the organization of air communications.Due to their low weight, they do not create a burden on the plasterboard wall.Also often used in sewage networks, due to corrosion and resistance to aggressive environments.

This pipeline is suitable for outdoor water supply network in which there is the distribution of water for several houses.If the network goes under the road laying, install a protective metal box.

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hope permeability polypropylene pipes for high-rise buildings and private homes

diameter of the inner section, determines how much water can pass pipe for a certain period of time.From the outside diameter and the thickness of the pipe wall depends on the strength of the product, as well as its ability to withstand a certain water pressure.

There is a formula, which can be used to calculate the internal diameter of the plastic pipe: d = √ (4-Q-1000 / πV).

In this formula, the value of Q appears total consumption of water in the house.Pi is equal to 3.14.The parameter V is considered to be the rate of water (for pipes with a small diameter = 0.7-1.2 m / sec., For large diameter = 1.5-2m / sec.)

Since the resistance of water flow in polypropylene tubesminimum due to the smooth surface, in the calculation is the maximum value of the velocity.

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In high-rise buildings is very important to calculate the diameter of the PP pipe, as if it is too small, the residents of the upper floors will be no water in the rush hour if too great - hot water will have to grind for a while, until,until it is normal temperature.

Let's see what size of polypropylene pipes is suitable for a particular type of high-rise buildings.

  • For the five-story building, as a riser, suitable diameter equal to 25 mm;
  • For the nine-and upper houses optimal diameter is 32mm;
  • For layout of the apartment is enough pipe with a diameter of 20mm.

As you can understand, only the larger diameters are used for distributing cold water to one or more houses.PP pipe is not suitable for laying pipe with hot water due to its softness at higher temperatures.

If we talk about private homes, the specific calculations are not needed.With this task perfectly cope plastic pipe with a diameter of 10-25mm.The most commonly used diameter polypropylene pipes in private sectors = 20 mm.

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