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August 12, 2017 18:08



Water radiators

There are quite a large number of types of water heaters:

  • columnar radiators.This type of radiator is a heating device, which is connected to a horizontal manifold with vertical tubes, in which the circulation of the coolant occurs.Cast iron radiators are the most ancient devices of this type, who met each at least once in life.
  • Sectional radiators.This type of radiator in appearance very similar to columnar as are sectional structure.The difference is in the specifics of the work, which is that the cold air gets between the sections and rises.
  • Panel heaters.This type of heaters is a monolithic block.Panel heating device has a high emissivity.

power calculation is performed based on the radiator of a few parameters.They include room area, a radiator power and presence of windows.If necessary, you can add or remove sections of the heater.

Water radiators

radiator must be installed under the windows.It is characterized by indicators that rising warm air streams should overlap the lower temperature air that comes from the windows.This arrangement will ensure proper air circulation and provide comfort for all residents of the apartment.


heater - is a kind of heating devices in which space heating occurs by convection.convection process can be natural and positive.This factor affects the price of convector heating device.

widespread use of underground convector heating devices.This type of heaters used in rooms with large glass fronts.


Infrared heaters

This type of devices for heating is significantly different from the classical principle of the action.The principle of operation of a conventional heating device includes a heating of the air in the room and its subsequent circulation.But this type of heating devices using infrared radiation, which is directed to the object directly heating it.

Advantages of such devices are those parameters that are not dry the air in the room and do not affect the amount of oxygen therein.

Heat Guns

This equipment belongs to the non-residential heaters.It is used this kind of equipment for repair and construction works.Heat guns can operate on gasoline, and on electricity.Usually this equipment is used to dry the premises after repair or installation of suspended ceilings.

Heat guns

Thus, in the article have been described and characterized the main indicators of modern heating appliances, as well as their range of application and specific installation and use.