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August 12, 2017 18:08

Drainage own hands - making a reliable system

Surface drainage with their hands - the main stages of work

read, how to do the drainage, you will realize that it is not necessary to hire professionals for this purpose.In this work there is nothing difficult, and it can do it yourself virtually every owner.Variants of reclamation activities there is great variety, but with their hands to make the drainage, but still take advantage of excess moisture?For example, it can be taken away in an artificial pond built on the territory of the garden?

drainage device with your hands begin to trenching.First, you need to dig her around the house, it will give the opportunity to protect against flooding its foundations.The distance from home base to the trench should be within 1 meter, depth - 0.6 m, and do not forget about the slope toward the pond or reservoir.It should be small, but enough to allow water to freely merge into a pond.

The device trenches at first glance there is nothing difficult, but how to do the drainage right, not everyone knows.To do this, fill the bottom of the trench with a thin layer of fine sand, which is laid on top of a large rubble.This pillow is placed drainage pipe made of polyethylene with holes covered with a special non-woven fabric.Next, the trench is filled shallow gravel.

Ultimately, it will be a very small depth.For final alignment using the top layer of soil that was removed during the digging of the ditch.The experience of many gardeners showed that such a system of water drainage from the site runs smoothly.

This is the simplest method of drainage area, which is referred to as surface drainage reclamation.But there is a profound method of drying the soil.

How do drainage - an alternative system

How to conduct drainage at depth?To build such a system, drainage pipes are placed at a slant toward the drain.To collect water you can build a special drain well or spend draining to a nearby pond.This network provides an apparatus manhole through which you can clean the downspouts.

Such drainage is mainly used where the water table is quite close to the surface.How to make the drainage, if the device in his activities require a large amount of excavation?Naturally, it is best to do it before the start of construction work on the site.Because, for example, reservoir drainage is laid under the base structures and the filter is a cushion which is connected to the drain.

How to lay drainage - especially everything canal network

If you are interested in how to build the type of deep drainage , the best advice to consult a specialist.Since its equipment required project which should be based on geological studies of soil of your site.Not possessing special knowledge, to carry out such work extremely difficult.And without such research the following error when installing pipes can lead to basement flooding or house foundation.

But how to make the drainage so as to avoid such trouble?The most commonly used for this stacking several main channels, which abut side bends.The slope of the pipe in this case must be at least 3 cm to one meter.All excess water that collects in the side pipes, gravity will get into the trunk.And then flow freely into the drain well.

for device of such a system is best to use plastic perforated pipes.When connecting to the laterals line must leave a gap of a few millimeters therebetween.After that, the joint space is filled large rubble.When performing the work described in its plot line is not advisable to put on the bottom of the trench, and special wire-mesh gutter.After that, together with the pipes can be gravel fill.He will not allow the ground to score the opening Drenov.