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August 12, 2017 18:07

for outdoor wiring cable

How to choose outdoor wiring cable

in the open air Provision must be safe and comfortable, all it can to ensure the correct choice of cable.First you need to connect the power supply.If you have thought that the network source is out, then you need to determine where it will be held the cable above the ground that will create you a lot of problems with the area occupied by the cable and aesthetic appearance, and in addition externally located current will be more sensitive to mechanical damage and more sensitivemoisture.Or lay under the ground, which is much safer, but more difficult to install.

Laid underground cable for the lighting of the yard

You can of course use conventional cable with a polymer sheath of PVC plastic, but that if the distance between the objects is up to 3m.If the distance is greater, it is necessary to use an extension cord with the tension and the clutch, and a wire should be grounded in the area of ​​the house.Do not forget that the distance from the ground should be not less than 36,5m above the ground.

If you chose the underground laying, then it requires a secure cable insulation PVC, welded to it by means of a solvent to create a continuous transition.It is also possible to use an underground cable.He is put in the ground trench over 4.5 m under the patio or veranda and 7.5m under the grass or lawn.

To mount pads on the street is allowed to use aluminum or copper conductors.Cable conductors made of aluminum and are usually less flexible prosluzhivaet less, but the price is much lower.

cable options

installation basics Installation of street elektroprovdki:

  • wire shall be tightened with the use of the main is only self-supporting insulated wire.
  • distribution box should be made of metal, well, or fire-retardant plastic.
  • To protect current distribution box from rain, snow and temperature changes, you must mount it under the protective cover.Consequently, the wire under the box bottom.Place the wire union need to be sealed.

Street cable channel

often use SIP or AVC.Connecting a home network usually happens to the labor voltage 220V or 380V.The most used is a SIP-wire 4 wire.SIP-4 grade self-supporting insulated wire for the electrical current combination circuits by air.

cable Reel

For underground connection method used AVBShv cable that has a core of aluminum.Well, or even VBShv having a copper conductor.They are used for fixing in the ground, because they are not afraid groundwaters.Select by veins designated for the consumer.

Combined cable

To decide to mount the cable on cables, it is necessary to exclude other types as well as mounting on cables used on circuits with a voltage of 1 kV.Wiring on cables operate both along and across both buildings, between the walls and near the premises.Wiring with cables divided into wire and cable suspension on the rope.Such wiring on cables can be widely used to mount a light and other networks in the different environment, both dry and wet.This gasket is able to adapt to various conditions put1m choice of cable.As the cable you can use steel wire or steel katana fire metiz, painted or treated with zinc.

cable runs performed by industrialization, ieon artisanal enterprises.In process lines companies offer features:

  • Produce basic cable
  • Strings
  • Quickdraws
  • End cable with a thimble
  • Okontsevat rod steel cassette
  • Produce end wires
  • Attach the cable to the cable:
    1. Stripes
    2. buckle
    3. perforated belt with rivets
    4. clips
  • Use boxes of light on the main cable, or latches on metiz
  • Enter cable ends
  • Connect the ends of the wire and cable
  • Cook veins

When many cable passes through the joint route needuse trays.