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August 12, 2017 18:08

Aluminium semi-rigid ducting Corrugated pipes


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Corrugated pipe made of aluminum is very popular during the installation duct systems, in large industrial plants, as well as in private homes.What is the reason for such popularity - try to understand.

  1. Excellent flexibility corrugations allow venting in any direction without the installation of taps.
  2. Installing the air pipe from the corrugated aluminum is carried out simply on the clamps, without the use of frames.
  3. Folded such pipes take up minimal space, which is important during storage.
  4. Aluminum corrugated pipe is practically not exposed to external factors, namely, it has high corrosion resistance.
  5. Easy installation of the duct is also an important factor when choosing a corrugated aluminum, since aluminum has a low specific weight, and does not require the use of special arrangements for the installation.

All these positive qualities can be applied to a plastic or steel.But in favor of the construction of an aluminum corrugated pipe ducts says a number of reasons:

  • price of corrugated duct is very low in comparison with the same metal or plastic;
  • aluminum is a material which does not respond to chemical compounds;
  • Ventilation corrugated aluminum has high fire resistance and distributes carbon smoke;
  • interior space, ribbed aluminum looks very presentable.

Aluminum corrugated flexible duct can withstand significant heat and is used to remove air from the gas boilers and water heaters.However, you must follow the insulation reliability at the point of the pipe out of the roof slab, since aluminum has a high thermal conductivity.

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Manufacture of corrugated aluminum pipe for flexible duct

Make aluminum corrugated pipe made of thin sheets of foil thickness of 0.1 mm and a width of 50mm.From this size strips mounted strips, after which rolled edges for the production of corrugated structures.In addition to the ribs on the edges of the strip punched connecting elements for the creation of locks.After that the foil is wrapped around the profile gauge so that the edges get a reliable connection locks, and rolled through the rollers.It remains only to pack corrugated pipe for ventilation and to send to the customer.

can be made semi-rigid and flexible aluminum tubes, in which the bending can be smaller than one-fourth with the latest technology.The industry produces corrugated pipe, the size of the diameter of which can be from 80mm to 310mm.

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installation of aluminum semi-rigid duct

Setting the ventilation design of the corrugated aluminum includes the following steps:

  • to dress coupling one end of the pipe;
  • top is necessary to impose two yoke;
  • end of the second pipe is inserted into the sleeve from the other end;
  • tightens the connection screw clamps.

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Also connections for the coupling can be used, and an easier way - a tube inserted into another place and fix the joint clamps.

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Disadvantages aluminum corrugated duct

first - high thermal conductivity in order to reduce that, the tube is covered with an insulating material.

second - a small resistance to mechanical damage, which is unlikely, since these ducts are mounted in inaccessible places.