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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to connect plastic pipes

socket fusion

If the diameter of the pipeline network in more than 63 mm, typically used butt welding.She made a special tool without additional fittings.For connecting the tubes to each other, large-diameter, given that a node is collapsible, it is assumed the presence of a flanged joint.

How to connect plastic pipes

In order to get a connection that does not involve the connector uses socket fusion.To do it, use special soldering, nozzles which are spraying of non-stick material (eg Teflon).Before you connect plastic pipes, wipe the nozzle with a tarpaulin or a special scraper to clean wood.Keep in mind that you need to be cleaned before each soldering process and to do so only when they are in the hot state.

sequence of pipe joints by using such device following:

  1. Installing the device on a flat surface and its binding
  2. Selection and installation tips
  3. Heat soldering iron for 10-15 minutes to a temperature of 260 degrees
  4. Cutting the pipe to length at sitewith scissors or cutter
  5. Scraping fitting and edge piping
  6. heating and pipe, and fitting in the same time
  7. docking components in one motion
  8. Cooling connection

How to connect plastic pipes very important in this process, it is worth noting products heating temperature.If they do not sustain sufficient time for the heating element, the polymer reaches the boundary ductility and docking not occur.On the contrary, if it overheat, edge products become too viscous and can not be put together.Therefore, before polypropylene tubes connect socket welding, care must be taken about the presence in the workplace tables that indicate the time of heating products with varying wall thickness, in diameter.

Pipe connections, reinforced foil

In the formation of compounds, there are certain specific features for such pipes.For example, using a unique device - shaver, which is removed via the upper polymer layer and aluminum pipe.The fitting is of a size that can accommodate a pipe therein, devoid of the upper layers.It is recommended to use the equipment, components and fittings, which are issued by the same manufacturer, to facilitate their installation.

How to connect plastic pipes

When interconnected polymeric pipes, it is worth remembering that the fittings are not to be in any way damaged or deformed, difference ratios axes between an allowed no more than the value itself of the pipe wall thickness, as well as nearfitting the edge necessary to have a uniform layer of melted polymer.

How to connect plastic pipes If polypropylene parts of the network must be attached to the metal, most commonly used threaded connections using the appropriate fittings.Enough is common and flange connection - pipe welded to the hub flange or the use of a metal union.In order to seal the joints, the sealing paste is used as well as yarns and Teflon tape.