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August 12, 2017 18:08

Feature and installation of piping XLPE

Positive aspects of tubulars XLPE

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Elements of the pipeline cross-linked polyethylene is widely used by professionals for the installation of low-temperature heating of residential and other premises.Low-temperature systems are considered, the total operating temperature does not exceed 80 ° S.Danny kind of pipe it is also suitable for use in cold and drinking water pipelines.Working with this material requires a tool for mounting cross-linked polyethylene.

plumbing XLPE has a number of positive qualities and advantages over pipeline elements made of other materials.

  • most important pipe property XLPE professionals call the so-called "memory".This manifests itself in the possibility to restore the original shape after mechanical impact.This material quality helps make installation of equipment in difficult conditions.
  • Tube XLPE products have a high coefficient of resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Tap fittings from the material presented has shock-absorbing properties in the delivery to it of various kinds of external influence.
  • Temperature resistance.Elements of the pipeline cross-linked polyethylene can be applied in heating systems with operating temperatures up to 80 ° C.If necessary, it is a short-term heating to a temperature of 95 ° C.
  • High resistance to various chemical elements.
  • Small pipes weight of cross-linked polyethylene greatly facilitates their installation and transportation.Given this quality transport tubulars can be performed in large amounts in the form of coils.
  • Easy to install, for the implementation of which requires a tool for mounting cross-linked polyethylene.

Specificity mounting water disposals systems using tap fittings XLPE

Work on assembling pipe systems made no soldering method (as in the case of polypropylene) and not by gluing (as is the case with polihlorvinilom), and compoundelements using different pipe fittings.To work on the installation of water pipes communication taking advantage of cross-linked polyethylene need such tools.

  • various fittings for connecting individual sectors tubulars.Fittings are compression and napressovochnogo type.
  • Narezalnye sleeve or crimp nut.To attach the pipe to the fittings.
  • hydraulic or manual press.To interconnect narezalnyh liners and fittings.
  • Pipe cutters or secateurs.Tools that are needed to separate the required plumbing pieces.
  • wrenches to tighten the threaded connection elements.

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Pipe installation XLPE through various types of fittings

Connecting with compression fitting.For the installation of this type of connection you will need a tool for installation XLPE: clinch nut, cutting ring fitting socket, wrench.Work carried out in the following sequence:

  • On the tube is put crimp nut.
  • Then, at the end of tubular fit the split ring, which should be at a distance of one millimeter from the edge.
  • Then the pipe is pressed all the way to the fitting shtuttseru.
  • clinch nut is twisted until it stops with a wrench.

This type of connection is simple to use and the need for a minimum set of tools.Also, this type of installation reserves the right to dismantle without any loss of performance of the material compound.

Connecting with nepressovochnogo fitting.This type of bonding between a pipe products from cross-linked polyethylene is a very reliable and durable.The disadvantage of this type of compounds are impossible to disconnect the materials and the need to press the tool for the job.To build this type of fastening parts plumbing will need a tool for installation XLPE: threaded clamping sleeve, an expander, nepressovochny fitting, hydraulic or manual press.

  • pipe is put on the clamping nut.
  • then at the end of the tubular expander is placed.
  • then need to move the arm extender and fix a short time.
  • Then insert the end of the pipe in the fitting socket.
  • The threaded sleeve is pressed onto the fitting nipple.

Thus in the article outlined the basic characteristics and specific features of cross-linked polyethylene pipes.Also listed methods pipe connections and the necessary tools.