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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cutting the pipe and clean it

Advantages of polyethylene pipes HDPE type

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treated polyethylene and welded only at low pressure, but as a result you can get just the perfect product that will become an assistant for household and industrial enterprises.

  1. Has inert chemicals that ensure durability.Inert pipe is characterized by resistance to irritants.
  2. ideal ratio of flexibility, rigidity, that allows you to put them in the ground to 8-10 meters.To adjust to the movement of the earth and can be bent in any direction, in a reasonable radius of deflection.
  3. high level of sound insulation.
  4. Frost.It will not burst and will not freeze.
  5. elasticity.It carries all kinds of linear strain.

What w HDPE pipes are species?

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HDPE wide assortment - misses a diameter of 15-1600 mm.Designers aqueducts delighted with these products because they are optimal for industrial and household and public utilities.Imagine cut the pipe diameter of 100 mm for collectors not an easy task, but more as a ready instrument to cut 1.6 m

Cutting the pipe:. Instruments

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should be cut so that on the surfacewere burrs and wrinkles.Therefore, the number of tools are making these types of cutting equipment.

  1. guillotine pipe that can be cut from 6 cm to 35 cm. And the incision will be of very high quality.
  2. circular cutter.For the cutting of 1, 5 cm to 16 cm. Cut water, sewer, roads and pipes outside.
  3. Manual machine-cutter cuts of 1, 5 cm to 3 cm., But does not require accurate cuts and processing calibrator.
  4. electronic machine-cutter.Buying expensive but is justified by its performance and a wide range of work.Elektrotruborezy used by plumbers and convenient for hand tools.
  5. Bandsaw - the most expensive instrument of all, but as a working tool is ideal.Saws 1, 6 meter long pipe with a perfect cut.

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Note that in general, can cope with sharply with any equipment, including mechanical and manual machine, and an electronic device.It all depends on your needs, and the diameter of the rolled products.

Methods for cleaning sewer

All the comforts of home is broken as soon as one becomes clogged sinks in the house, and then all sewer outlets.What to do with the problem of clogged drain?

Plumbers razdelyayutsposoby how to clean sewers.Their only 2.

  1. Mechanical
  2. Chemical.

Obviously the same as the chemical method involves the use of various chemical means to combat clogged.The reagents are easy to cope with organic clog, but unfortunately powerless to more serious pollution.

But mechanical process is divided into several subtypes, depending on the instruments used in the cleaning process.The method most troublesome, but also the most effective.Use these tools:

  • Vantuz.Ispolzuyut at the slightest difficulty flushing oxen in the sink.With big clog can not cope.In order to use it, you need to pour the water in the sink plunger and make it similar to the movement of the suction cup.The pressure caused by the inside of the pipe, push through the obstruction.A cheap way and you can buy at any hardware store and industrial goods.
  • plumber's snake.Use if the plunger does not help, only in this case will partially dismantle plumbing fixtures.Cable entered into a tube to the point of congestion and, when he reached him, punching, then rinse with plenty of water.You can buy in a hardware store.
  • Hydrodynamic nozzle.It works on the principle of water injection and high pressure washing out dirt.Simply strong water pressure breaks any blockages.Also, after the rinse with plenty of water.These nozzles polzujut specialized plumbing.Expensive equipment.

to any of these devices, you can use chemicals, they will help to dissolve the dirt on the walls of the old pipe.Good luck to you!

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