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August 12, 2017 18:08

Basic rules for the calculation of radiators

How to calculate the radiators?Calculation of power

Calculate the number of radiators simply by knowing their power, as well as the area of ​​heated space.To do this, get a calculator for calculating, measuring tape to measure the floor space.Calculate the area easily using a simple formula known to all since high school: the width of the room to be multiplied by its length.

How to calculate the radiators ?power calculation

to perform the calculation of radiators, specifically to learn the necessary power, it is necessary to define the following parameters:

  1. The full size of the apartment or house, the area of ​​individual rooms.
  2. ceiling height of the building (if it is the same in all the rooms) and the height of the ceilings in each room (if the ceiling height varies).
  3. information about windows and doors.
  4. approximate minimum air temperature measured in the winter.

How to calculate the radiators ?power calculation

Radiator calculation for apartments and houses alike.There are rules that said that every square meter of the room or building must be heated 100 watts of heat energy.This value is considered to be original and may vary.

This value is suitable for buildings where the ceiling height is 3 meters.If the height of, for example, is equal to 2.6 m, battery power is calculated by dividing 2.6 by 3 Gets 88 watts, which is enough for heating per square meter room.

basic rules - at - per - radiator - heating - 4

Calculation radiators changed, if you apply the correction factors.Such factors are applied if:

  • - corner room (x 1.8);
  • - in one huge room or two small windows (h1,8);
  • - battery is connected at the bottom (h1,1).

calculation for heating radiators made for buildings, which have wooden windows.If the metal-plastic windows - is multiplied by 0.8.

How to calculate the radiators ?power calculation

can give another method of how to calculate the radiators.It consists in the fact that you need to consider the amount of space.Calculate it can, by multiplying the height by the width and length of the room.For every 5m3 space necessary to use 200 watts of heat.

Calculating the number of sections

Calculate radiators and find the optimal number of sections is quite simple.After determining the power to choose a type.Next will be given the procedure for calculating the number of sections for cast-iron battery.One section of this battery should have a capacity of 180 watts.

Calculating the number of sections

calculation process:

  1. located base value.For example, the base value is equal to 2000W (20h100) for the premises of 20m2 and 3 meters high.
  2. correct for height, if it is not equal to 3 meters.In our case, this item is not needed.
  3. If the premise corner, 2000h1,8 = 3600W.
  4. If the room two windows, 3600h1,8 = 6480Vt.
  5. If the window is not wooden, 6480h0,8 = 5184Vt.
  6. 5184/180 = 28.8.This means that you need 25 sections radiators.

Calculating the number of sections

Calculate radiators everyone can, but we must remember that this calculation is approximate.For greater accuracy it is necessary to consider a number of other factors.These factors include the wall thickness, the presence or absence of insulation, the size of windows and doors.From the correctness of the chosen number of sections depends on how warm and cozy in the winter will be in the apartment.