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August 12, 2017 18:08

Fecal pumps : popular brands of equipment

How to choose fecal pump

By buying this equipment, pay attention to the diameter of the outlet pipe.The most suitable is considered a minimum diameter of 10 cm Foreign manufacturers make these devices with the outlet pipe of small diameter, domestic -. With a large pipe.If the unit is equipped with a shredder, the small diameter pipe is not considered a problem.

Types sewage pumps

Given the differences in equipment, the following types of sewage pumps:

  1. waste-dynamic - provide disposal of industrial, sewage, domestic waters;
  2. Sewage-mass - can be installed without dismantling the pipes.A distinctive feature - the presence of the closed centrifugal wheel and open free-vortex;
  3. straight-;
  4. Available vortex.

Browse popular brands.Pumps of Grundfos

company Grundfos - manufacturer from Denmark, which has gained great popularity among consumers.Production facilities are located in different countries, but the devices produced by this company have the following advantages:

  • quality and energy conservation;
  • Small size;
  • Autonomy;
  • Provide pumping sewage and waste water.

Pumps from Grundfos

Submersible pumps Pedrollo

Fecal pumps Pedrollo Italian firm have the following characteristics:

  • Small size and weight;
  • Performing tasks that manage not all devices of other companies;
  • durability of operation;
  • large diameter of the flow channel;
  • Suitable for withdrawal of water from the basin, drainage wells, etc.

Submersible pumps Pedrollo

for different needs use different series of the equipment of the brand:.

  • Series MC is optimal for continuous operation and a large amount of waste is suitable for commercial andcommercial operation;
  • MCm series is designed for a country house or villa, need for pumping large amounts of fecal matter;
  • VXm series is suitable for small private homes.

Device Cutty from Speroni

devices from the Italian manufacturer Speroni have such advantages:

  • Small size;
  • equipment to cope with waste water, in which there are long fibers and large particulate matter;
  • can be used in both mobile and stationary.

Cutty instrument by Speroni

equipment brands SFA

French company SFA first developed and released a chopper pump that was a breakthrough in the production of such devices.Advantages of the instrument from the company SFA:

  • quality and efficiency;
  • Some models of solids in the effluent automatically milled;
  • dressing room can be positioned on any floor of the house;
  • After grinding waste is their pumping.

products company Wilo

Advantages Wilo German company equipment are:

  • Low power consumption;
  • Durability use;
  • Possibility of automatic control.

Pumps brand Sprut

Fecal pumps Octopus production in Ukraine are considered to be low cost, but buyers speak highly of them very well.The positive characteristics of this brand following:

  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • Application for withdrawal of water from wells and ponds;
  • Octopus device can be attached to a special height using a special cable;
  • The device can be used for pumping of dirty, surface water and groundwater.


company's equipment products of the company - drainage and fecal, and mostly they are used for the drainage operation.Consumers brand Ukrainian brand WQD in good standing.

Devices brand JEELEX

JEELEX - Russian company that manufactures submersible electric pumps, domestic and industrial (models "Fekalnik" and "Drenazhnik").Advantages of the equipment of these models is considered that they can be used not only for the transfer of net, drain and other water, but also for pumping wastewater with solid particles and long fibers.

JEELEX brand Devices

operate the pump from the company JEELEX need in suitable environmental conditions to avoid problems in his work.

brand pumps GNOM Irtysh

Equipment domestic producers GNOM Irtysh considered the budget, but effective.

Fecal pumps GNOM are submersible and have a built-in electric motor.Irtysh company devices can be used in a variety of conditions.

brand pumps GNOM Irtysh

Before you make the right choice of fecal pump, it is necessary to study the operating instructions to know how to ensure the effective operation of this device without problems and breakdowns.