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August 12, 2017 18:08

Variety of plastic pipes

Features installation of pipelines made of polypropylene and polyethylene.

Currently, industries produce such kinds of plastic pipes:

  • of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE);
  • of polyvinyl chloride (PVC);
  • metal pipes.

Each of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the features and technology of installation mounting to the wall, which we will consider further.Variety of plastic pipes .

PP and PE pipes are designed for hot and cold water, as well as for drinking or industrial water in the central and local heating systems.

Before installation of such pipes, it is necessary to prepare the material and tools, and get directions.

Fixtures such pipes to the wall or ceiling are the special plastic retaining clips and anchors - nails of appropriate size.In order to get the bends using fittings or tube heated to 140 degrees building hairdryer.

Another way to connect polypropylene pipes have a cold welding process is carried out so that:

  • pipe trimmed and calibrated;
  • place seam solvent degreased and smeared with glue the outer surface of the pipe and the inside of the sleeve;
  • quickly inserted into the pipe coupling, slightly rotated and fixed at 15 seconds.Variety of plastic pipes .

for fixing such pipelines, first of all, make a small hole in the wall that is the right size for the dowels.Then into a hole that happened, put the retaining clip.To hammer the dowel can be with a hammer or a Phillips screwdriver.

The completion of PP pipe is inserted into the clip, mounted on the wall.

Features installation of PVC pipes.

PVC pipe going very simply, without the use of special tools and devices.It suffices to determine the end of the pipe to the socket and insert it into a narrower portion.In general, PVC pipe assembly technique is as follows: Variety of plastic pipes .

  • extended part of the pipe wash with soapy water and insert the O-ring in the groove provided for this purpose;
  • smooth end of the second pipe and damp with the same solution of soap and connect it to the socket of the first pipe;
  • connection pipe fitting carry on the same way.

Wall mounting is already assembled structure is carried out on the clips or clamps, which are set with dowels or screws.

installation of plastic pipe.

to build metal-pipe use separable and non-fittings.Threaded installation of plastic pipes allows to disassemble at any time the entire system, but the user will have to periodically tighten the nuts on the fittings, in order to avoid leaks.

When using the press - fitting to obtain a reliable butt joint, but to obtain it is necessary to have a tool such as special press - pincers, which produce and crimp the pipe with a fitting in the pressing sleeve.

Installation water supply system on site can be done in two ways:

  • collect all system fittings and then produce a plastic pipe mount to the wall with straps or clips;
  • set mount for the pipe and mounted on the wall of the pipe on it, and only then to combine with another part of the structure.Variety of plastic pipes .

mount a plastic pipe to a wall or ceiling is very simple procedure and it does not require the execution of skills and the availability of special equipment.Optionally, call for professional help, all can be done by yourself, spend a minimum of money and effort.